It’s write easy

Today was a very pleasant afternoon. We all enjoyed each others stories.

Here is the homework:

June 1, 2012                        It’s write easy

The words for today are:

Workshop, fantastic, explaining, articles, sharing.

Today’s words are really good. I can use all of them in my writing. I have attended many workshops  in my life.

First a bit of  quilting background. I started to quilt about 3 years ago. My friend gave me some unfinished quilt work to do. Since then I have not stopped at all. I have to tell you, I am quilting by hand. I have done many quilts in the 3 years since starting. I now do some quilting using my sewing machine.(I do only stitch in the ditch as they call it)

Well, two Saturdays ago I had a quilt workshop at The Sawmillers Quiltery shop in Te Marua. These workshops are fantastic. I can recommend it to anyone. The workshop starts at 10 am and ends at 4pm.

The workshop was on how to construct the old school house block. Sue, our tutor first explained how to pick your material and colors. Then she showed how to measure and cut the pieces, lay out and then stitch your block together.

I could decide if I wanted to make a full quilt by using different blocks or if I only wanted to make a street with houses and some trees and flowers between the blocks.

On that Saturday I made two different Old School House blocks. Here they are.

At the end putting the article(blocks) together will give me a full single bed quilt or lap quilt.

We shared many ideas on how to put the blocks together. Sharing ideas is very important. I always learn something new when attending workshops.


In class we had to use one or more of the following words.

hobby, air travel, photograph, moving, house


One of my hobbies is scrap booking. I love to work with photos and paper to construct the pages. I have already done 12 big albums(12″ x 12″) and also some small albums(8″ x 8″). Also have made albums for family and friends.

Taking photographs is also part of the scrap book hobby. My eyes are always open and on the look out for flowers or anything that attracts my attention.

My last photos were of these real fairy or goblet toadstools – the ones which are red with white spots on top.

My sister told me to take photos as near as possible and also zoom in on it. Well, I had to go down on my knees in the wet grass to get as near as possible. I also zoomed in. The best of it all was that the photos were totally out of focus because I do not have a grand camera like my sister. I told my sister, next time she can take them herself. Her answer was that she had forgotten that I had only a “plain” camera. She has this fancy one that could even take a good photo without me crawling in the wet grass.