It’s write easy


June,15, 2012

Use one of the following words:

Paper, letter, visit, betrayal, sunshine

I used  PAPER and LETTER

Paper is the most important part of my hobby. I need paper for my background, paper for framing and also when making embellishments  on the page. Paper is also the most important part when printing photos. Even the albums I use are made from paper.

Well, did you guess my hobby?  I am a keen scrap booker.  I not only make albums using my own photos but also am a qualified scrap book tutor..  I have also made albums for friends and family and also some on demand.

When I am working on my hobby I need paper for everything, pages and albums. Scrap booking is not only pasting in some photos in an album, it is also about the journaling.

Journaling or writing down the history of the photos or events needs letters. Without letters there can’t be words, without words there can’t  be  communication. It is very important to know how to explain things by using letters.

This shows that paper as well as letters are two important substances  of everyday life. We need to look after our paper( or trees) and also our lettering (writing).

(I took one of my albums with me and showed how paper was used to construct it)

We had to use one of the following words for the next piece of writing in class:

tramping, favorite, pet, words,foreign

I used PET

Words can’t describe my pet I have. He is the most adorable pet I ever had.

Maybe I am getting older and can’t remember how good my other pets were.  Since I am not working any more I have more time to spend with my pet. He is also my best companion and mate. My pet is a dog called Trompie. He is a miniature Schnauzer . I take him at least three times a day for a walk because I am living in a unit without much space to run about.

Trompie loves all the dogs around me. He sees them as his best friends. He is always on the look out to meet them.

My pet is really very special. I had other dogs as pets but they never slept on my bed. They always had their own place to sleep. How ever, Trompie is very lucky, he sleeps with me on my queen bed. There is enough space for both of us.

Real lucky fellow this pet of mine!

My wet nose friend!

Tell me about yourself award

Some time back Colline nominated me for this award. Thank you so much Colline. Feel free to visit her blog. It is really an inspiring blog. A lot of  different subject are covered and all so well posted.

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.  Thank you again Colline
  2. Write seven interesting things about yourself.   1. I am trying to fill up my days with making quilts for the craft market. 2. I love to take my early morning walks with my best mate Trompie.  3. I enjoy visiting friends and chat about anything that is a topic of the day. 4. I love my son and my dog dearly . 5. Animals are always part of my life. 6. I go to It’s write easy workshops to improve my writing, I enjoy listening to these older people’s stories about the past.  7.  I get easily depressed and use medication to help me. That is why I need to go out and meet other people. Blogging also helps me a lot to keep my mind busy.
  3. Choose seven nominees.  I am not nominating anyone. Feel free to use the award and tell us about yourself.