52 Pick up – Tell a story

Tell a story means you have to use a series of photos and then tell what is happening!

Well, my story is about watching my orchid’s  flowers develop into beautiful flowers.


I saw the flowers developing the first time and took photos on May, 10, 2012

This is the one which is going to have 8 flowers

This one is smaller and came out later than no 1.


Then I took photos again on May, 17.

 Week later, the flowers were showing their heads.

Big spike with flowers.

Smaller spike.


I took photos again  June, 07

The warmer weather did the flowers well. The are still developing!

Smaller one is going slowly.


The newest photos, taken  yesterday, June 12, 2012 at 5:30pm. The plant is in my one bedroom because it is too cold outside. Snow is expected to fall  tonight. There was snowfall already during the day on the hills.

I really hope the flowers will survive in this weather!

The smaller spike has got only 3 flowers.

This is the end of the second last chapter.


The last chapter is going to be when the spikes are in bloom!!!


One-shot Wednesday: Caterpillar

Taken in a tree in South Africa. Don’t know the name of it!

Caterpillars have been called “eating machines”, and eat leaves voraciously. Most species shed their skin four or five times as their bodies grow, and they eventually pupate into an adult form.[10] Caterpillars grow very quickly; for instance, a tobacco hornworm will increase its weight ten-thousandfold in less than twenty days. An adaptation that enables them to eat so much is a mechanism in a specialized midgut that quickly transports ions to the lumen (midgut cavity), to keep the potassium level higher in the midgut cavity than in the blood.[11]