Animal behavior (Dogs)

February 2002 was the time my life changed for the best.

I was very depressed.

I was very unhappy in my work as a senior assistant librarian.

My son was in his second year studying IT in Pretoria.

(Empty nest syndrome for sure)

I felt all alone in the world.

Laying on my bed listening to the radio a Light started flashing!

The program: Diere maniere with Prof Johannes Odendaal was on the air.

At he end of the program they gave a tell no to call to enroll for an online course in Animal behavior.


I jumped onto the phone and could still enroll.

(Enrollment was already closed but I had the opportunity to still do it because I explained my circumstances )

I thoroughly enjoyed the years study.

It was amazing to learn about all the behavior of animals and in my case I specialized in dogs.

November 16, 2002 I received my certificate in

Basic Animal behavior (dogs)

from the Technikon of Pretoria.

I enrolled the following year again and did


And passed it CUM LAUDE.

November 2003.

 Animal assisted activities is my passion.

This is about using an animal,

in my case a dog and help people with disabilities or in a home for the elderly.

Here these people get the opportunity to talk and touch the animal.

If you are interested in this way of looking at your dog or cat you may join me and we can solve many problems together.

You are welcome to ask questions about dog behavior!

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