Adventure: The Daily Post : Weekly Photo Challenge



I had a wonderful adventure on Thursday.

I have a friend who lives on a small holding.

It is about 30 minutes drive from where I live.

It was much like the song:

Old McDonald had a farm

and on the farm there were some –

Going to the dogs: Sunday Stills

I nearly missed out on this one.

I had a lovely shoot with Trompie yesterday evening!

He was my top model again, so patience and willing.


The next two he is hearing some birds hopping on the roof!



Sunday Stills, the next Challenge: Going to the Dogs

Gesegde: Elke hond kry sy dag – elke kat sy af dag!


Sunday Stills: Black and white animals




Ed says

Here is a combo challenge thats easy as 3.1444444 Most cameras now have a B&W setting or you can edit the pic in photoshop. So lets see if ya’ll can find any new four or two legged friends.

And a special thanks to Henry GL for designing the new Sunday Stills header banner…


Story challenge: Letter T

You guessed right! I am going to use dear TROMPIE for my letter T


stands for


The photo says it all!

I took Trompie to the vet to check his micro chip.

Could not find it and

he had to go back for a new one!

Poor Trompie, it is a think needle they use to put it in.

Here is the “wound”.

Waiting at the gate to meet his friend next door.

Showing off next to this grand car!


How long would your dog wait?


How long would your dog wait for you?

A dog’s loyalty knows no bounds. Sometimes they love us more than our partners do, we’re sure of it!

But how long would your dog wait for you? Would it find you if you were lost? Would it still greet you every day like they had never seen you before? Take Leao in this picture, who lost his owner when she was killed in catastrophic landslides in Brazil. This was his second consecutive day of sitting next to her grave.

Click here to read amazing stories from dogs around the world who never stopped looking for their owners. PS, grab the tissues!
I found this in my e-mails.


Thank you MASTERPET for sending this to me I want to share this with everybody.


Story Challenge: Letter D

Guess what my letter stands for?  Yes, it for DOG

The whole week I was thinking about the letter D Story Challenge. I could not think of anything with D till I was walking with Trompie this morning. Yes, there it was I thought well DOG starts with D.

I want to share the following photos of my DOG 


Only 8 weeks old!(2010)

Same slipper and a bit older!

Look at me now. Still same slipper!

I am so cute!

I am a big dog now.

What do you think of me now?

About 18 months (2011)

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Challenge always on Tuesday !!!


feel free to add in the comments

the link to your own interpretation of the letter “D”!!!

About Me

Me as a toddler.


Me and one of my proudest moments!  Alaskan Malamute – Husky Pack’s Duncan( also known as Husky) In one years time he became Best of Breed. This doesn’t easily happen to many dogs. He was just perfect, one of a kind dog!This was way back in 1972.


Here are all the different faces of me ( sorry for the bit of light in the middle)