Quilt Festival no 2

Some extra photos of the Quilt Festival


Too much sunshine!


Purrfect Cats

Pieced and designed by Wanda Borowicz

Hand embroidered cross stitched cats and quilted  blocks

Then there was this beautiful quilted one!


Canadian Adventure

by Camilla Watson

From the pattern “A home in the woods” by McKenna Ryan

To commemorate a fabulous adventure into the Canadian wilderness.

Shop hop quilt in the making!

I started cutting out my shop hop quilt just before Christmas.

Put away everything till after New Year(that’s what I thought)

Just after Christmas I put my machine ready.

Well I started sewing on Monday the 30/12/2013!

Today I finished off the middle square!


6 x square one


6 x square two


Strip together


Go to the bottom and top


There we are!



Still need to make 4 corners with Dresden Plate design!


Last Quilt finished!

I made it, my deadline was today.

The lady who ordered 3 king single quilts picked up the last one this afternoon!

Now I am going to relax a bit till next year.

The last quilt

red and white, white and red

Woohoo! Mystery quilt finished!

Wow, my mystery quilt’s top is finished.

I still need to do the backing and binding.

I started getting pieces to piece together since March.

For ten months I stitched my different pieces together.

Yesterday I started to put the pieces together

Today I did the borders and here it is.

Take a peak!


From the side


One corner


Middle block


I love the Kiwiana material! Looks cool!


New quilt! Inspire me Monday

Inspire Me Monday #95 – Week Of October 27, 2013

Inspire Me Monday


Next quilt!

I finished this one off a while ago.

I may as well share it as an inspiration.

At the end of last year  my favorite quilt shop


organised a

Half Square Triangle Swap

with USA

5 shops participated

4 shops in USA


 1 shop in New Zealand( Us )

It took some time before our swapped pieces came

but it was worth it.

We had 31 ladies who handed in their half square triangles.

Here is my finished quilt.



Wow, I focused and finished: Weekly Photo Challenge : Focus

Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

by Cheri Lucas Rowlands on August 23, 2013
This week we have to focus on what we are doing. Focus on your work. Focus your camera. Focus, focus, focus.
I have been working on a quilt since last year.
I am hand quilting it, or I have hand quilted it.
This weekend I had my
on this quilt and
I finished it just now!
Focus on the pattern and quilting.

Sunday Stills : fabric

The Next Challenge: Fabrics


Come and join Ed who gives every week another word or phrase to photograph.


Quilts take a lot of FABRIC to make.

My first quilt


I hand quilted the first one.

It is very plain but gave me lots of  joy  making it.

Here is my last quilt.

I finished it of so I could write it in for the

Stonestead Quilt Festival

February 10, 2013


This quilt was pieced by me and professionally quilted.


Quilt in the making

Making a quilt is easy if you know how!

I decided on December 18, 2012  t0  start my next quilt.

I still had the material from this years  Shop Hop.

In February we are having our Quilt Festival and you can only enter two quilts.

Here is the first square in the making.

First all the pieces of material


Measure and cut the pieces.


Work them together.


And there you go

the finished square


The first one was the red one

second one is the same but in black.



WELL MADE craft market

Saturday November 24, 2012 I attended a new craft market in Upper Hutt.

It was worth it because I sold 3 throws and 1 cot quilt and also two bags.

Here is my table

I sold the following quilts

Dr Zues quilt

Rugby Quilt

Kiwiana Quilt

The last one I have only two squares

I have forgotten to take a photo because I finished it of the night  before  the market

That is it.

I am relaxing now for a day or two before starting the next project.

I’ll tell about the next project as soon as I have made some squares to show.