Cyclone : next morning

Well nothing really happened last night.

Only a little bit of rain and wind gusts

and that was all last night.

This morning I took some sky photos again.

Was about 7:20 am

Same time as Saturday!

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The weather report says it is not over jet.

Some heavy rain and strong winds up to 130 km an hour are still expected this afternoon.

The temperature outside is a high 25 C which is quite warm and unusual.

Cyclone? -Hurricane? Lucy closing in on North Island: Skywatch (Friday)

Friday is gone and I did not put some sky on!

Today, Saturday , will do for now.

Early morning from my front door again!

Lucy is starting to move closer and closer!

This was taken 7:15 am.

It is now 6:20 pm.

Heavy clouds are still covering the sky,

Wind gusts are coming and going.

Everybody is waiting for the rain and strong wind.

(Don’t know exactly what they call Lucy!)

Found in nature! : Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

I sent the following photo to my tutor and asked to comment on it as a landscape photo.


Dankie ook vir die landskap foto. Dit is `n pragtige foto. Die fokus is
besonder skerp van hier voor tot ver agter en saam met perfekte beligting
kry mens amper `n driedimensionale effek.  Die geheel komposisie is ook
sterk geplaas.  Jy kom by mooi plekke uit.

Some more photos found in nature!

Wordless Wednesday: Cloudy

Clouds, clouds and more clouds

Wind, wind and more wind

Cold, cold and icy cold.

It is already nearly November

Where is the warmer weather!

I am wordless when it comes to the weather

share your favorite family-friendly photos – with or without words – at the friendliest party in town!