Rainbow: Skywatch Friday

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RAINBOW in the sky.

This afternoon – about 17:30 it look like this from my front door.




Last night the first snow of this winter fell on the hills near me.

This morning was very cold but clear.

I could see the snow-covered tops of the Rimutakas.

Tuesday I decided to go on a photo shoot.

I am interested in the pier in Petone.

I took some beautiful photos of it.

A bonus was granted to me in the form of a rainbow display!


Rainbow up high in the sky!

About 4:15 pm

coming back from our walk

I looked up at the blue sky with some dainty wisps of white clouds.

What a wonderful sight!

Up high a small piece of rainbow!





In the front is the roof of my place.

Two Saturdays ago a friend and I went for a walk.

Suddenly between the house we saw this bright rainbow.






A wonderful thing happened just now (5pm May 19, 2012) I looked out of my kitchen window and this is what I saw!

A rainbow!

I went outside and took these photos.

I am sure it ends on my roof!

I went out and took the  following two from my front door steps.

Left side

The right side.

This was a really awesome to see the full rainbow.

Nature at its best.

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