Old Christmas photos!

2009 Luigi was dressed up as a


I just could not resist putting the photos on!

Luigi was only one year at that stage.

He was the best dressed dog !

Sunday post: Christmas

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Well this is the last of Christmas for the year 2012. We are still here and enjoying all the privileges we have on earth.

My beautiful Christmas tree that gave a lot of joy.

Red lights

Red lights


Green lights

Green lights


My Christmas table for three



It wasn’t a big occasion


I had a wonderful Christmas with my son and his partner!









Let’s do a dog snow hop!

Click here to join the hop!

Have a look at what Kirby did with his first snow visit


My photos are of Trompie in the snow

last year end of August.


Wew, I wonder what this could be!?

Let me have another look at the other side!


Mmmm, very strange!



I don’t know what to think of this white stuff.

Is it wet or cold




Just look at these human beings!

Throwing each other with balls of this stuff

( We all enjoyed the snow last year)

We do not have white Christmas here.

Today was extra hot with the cyclone nearing us from the north,

31 C


Sunday Stills: Holiday lights and decorations.

Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Holiday Lights and Decorations


Last night I got a surprise. My friend’s son, wife and son brought me a Christmas tree! Since coming to New Zealand I did not have any decorations or a tree for Christmas.  This was a real welcome present. I appreciate it very much that my friend thought about giving this tree to me.

I took some photos of the tree last night using my old camera.

Create with Joy: Friendship Friday: Christmas Carols

Friendship Friday

Create With Joy: Friendship Friday – Christmas Carols

Performed by: The Royal Guardsmen (1967) Contributed by: Ron Tilden

The news had come out in the First World War
The bloody Red Baron was flying once more
The Allied command ignored all of its men
And called on Snoopy to do it again.

Twas the night before Christmas, 40 below
When Snoopy went up in search of his foe
He spied the Red Baron, fiercely they fought
With ice on his wings Snoopy knew he was caught.

Christmas bells those Christmas bells
Ring out from the land
Asking peace of all the world
And good will to man

The Baron had Snoopy dead in his sights
He reached for the trigger to pull it up tight
Why he didn’t shoot, well, we’ll never know
Or was it the bells from the village below.

Christmas bells those Christmas bells
Ringing through the land
Bringing peace to all the world
And good will to man

The Baron made Snoopy fly to the Rhine
And forced him to land behind the enemy lines
Snoopy was certain that this was the end
When the Baron cried out, “Merry Christmas, my friend”

The Baron then offered a holiday toast
And Snoopy, our hero, saluted his host
And then with a roar they were both on their way
Each knowing they’d meet on some other day.

Christmas bells those Christmas bells
Ringing through the land
Bringing peace to all the world
And good will to man

Christmas bells those Christmas bells
Ringing through the land
Bringing peace to all the world
And good will to man

Click note to hear MIDI file:

-MIDI arrangement by Ron Tilden

It’s Write Easy


July 20, 2012

Words: Christmas, Easter, holiday, sport, radio


Remembering Christmas is kind of very hard to me.  My parents never went to church while I was a kid. I learned about Christmas in school and Sunday school.

I can remember the last December in the Netherlands before we migrated to South Africa. I was only a girl of nearly six at that time. I remember that I attended a Kindergarten . It had this huge sandpit in the middle of the school. It was covered by a roof. The classrooms surrounded this sandpit.

On December the sixth, I remember that I had to go to school and we children had to wait for St Nicolaas and Swarte Piet. I can remember that we were all supposed to behave very well otherwise Swarte Piet would pick you up and put you in his bag. I could see St Nicolaas arriving through my classroom window. I still have this clear picture of him in my mind ,that is all I remember.

In South Africa my mother used to decorate the lounge with some pine tree leaves and some cotton wool for snow. We never really had a tree. Later years I bought us a small Christmas tree and decorated it. There were always small parcels, one for each one. When I started working we made a bigger issue of Christmas.

When my son was still a toddler we would have Christmas with his grandparents at times. I can remember one year we had Christmas on our own and my son dressed himself  as father Christmas. He put on  a red track suit, put some cotton wool around his chin and an old brown beany on his head. He enjoyed handing out the gift .

I looked up some information about Saint Nicolas:


The tradition of Saint Nicholas Day, usually on 6 December ( [O.S. 19 December (in most Orthodox countries)], is a festival for children in many countries in Europe related to surviving legends of the saint, and particularly his reputation as a bringer of gifts. The American Santa Claus, as well as the Anglo-Canadian and British Father Christmas, derive from these legends. “Santa Claus” is itself derived in part from the Dutch Sinterklaas


In the Netherlands and Belgium, Saint Nicholas’ Eve (5 December) is the primary occasion for gift-giving, when his reputed birthday is celebrated.

In recent years, Christmas (along with Santa Claus) has been pushed by shopkeepers as another gift-giving festival, with some success; although, especially for young children, Saint Nicholas’ Eve is still much more important than Christmas. The rise of Father Christmas (known in Dutch as de Kerstman) is often cited as an example of globalisation and Americanisation.[25]

My scrap-book page with my son as Father Christmas.

We did not do any extra writing today.

There were very good descriptions and a lot to discuss.