Remember South Africa 2010 (no 1 First week in Potchefstroom)

As some of you already know I am from South Africa and am now living in New Zealand. I am here since 2009.

On arriving here I immediately applied for permanent residency because I know it takes up to a year to be finalized.

After a year of trying, my application wasn’t finalized before my time was up. I had to go back to SA and wait till everything was ok. I could not buy a return ticket and was ready to be back in SA for at least 6 months or a year.

I am going to give you  back flash of my good time back in South Africa. I had the time to really say my good byes to everybody and enjoyed every moment of it.

First up up and away in the air on my way back!

Good bye Wellington!

Hello Sydney!

And on my way to South Africa!

The first week of my return I stayed with a very good scrap booking friend.

We only saw each other once a year on a scrap book retreat.

We shared the same room for six years.

She invited me to be with her for a week in Potchefstroom.

She and her husband picked me up at the airport.

This is how my room looked when visiting my friend.

Old house

With this beautiful high ceiling.

She welcomed me with this small posy of roses

Next to my bed

Next time I’ll  show some more.

Her cute  dogs

and some wonderful carpenter work