Skywatch Friday: Snow on Rimutakas

Today was a clear day and I could take some photos of

the snow-covered peaks of the Rimutakas near where I live.

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The Rimutaka Range (often called the Rimutakas) is one of several mountain ranges in the North Island of New Zealand that form a ridge running parallel with the east coast between East Cape and Wellington. The ridge is at its most pronounced in the southern part, where it consists of the RuahineTararua, and Rimutaka Ranges.

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Skywatch Friday: Sunrise this week again from my doorstep

Wintertime is a time of getting out of bed a bit later in the mornings.

Just after the longest night we had the most

beautiful sun rises.

I leaf my curtain open a bit at night so I can see the morning breaking.

The glow this morning was awesome.

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Skywatch Friday

Skywatch Friday

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Elke donker wolk het n silwer(goue) randjie!

There is a silver lining

to every dark cloud.

Skywatch Friday: Better weather today!

The past week and a half we had lots of wind gusts and

heavy down pours.

Tuesday afternoon while walking Trompie it was dry.


Then this morning

Good Friday

It looked like this from my front door.



Then a bit later on looking back and up at my place.


Lovely blue sky! A cloud here and there but still a

beautiful day.


to you all!


Cyclone? -Hurricane? Lucy closing in on North Island: Skywatch (Friday)

Friday is gone and I did not put some sky on!

Today, Saturday , will do for now.

Early morning from my front door again!

Lucy is starting to move closer and closer!

This was taken 7:15 am.

It is now 6:20 pm.

Heavy clouds are still covering the sky,

Wind gusts are coming and going.

Everybody is waiting for the rain and strong wind.

(Don’t know exactly what they call Lucy!)