Adventure: The Daily Post : Weekly Photo Challenge



I had a wonderful adventure on Thursday.

I have a friend who lives on a small holding.

It is about 30 minutes drive from where I live.

It was much like the song:

Old McDonald had a farm

and on the farm there were some –

Trompie and the black cat! : Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

Yesterday was the day the black cat stalked Trompie again.

She was behind the fence and

just when we passed she stuck her head through the opening

right into Trompie’s face!

They sniffed and we went on walking.

She kept on running after us and every time

Trompie turned around she let Trompie get near her.

It was so cute.

Animals know how to react to each other.

This cat wants to be friends but it also wants to be the leader.



This kitty had some hard times growing up.

It was rescued by the owner.

Only one eye and the ears are half way gone.


Cat next door : Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

My next door neighbor has a white cat.

One sunny morning my neighbor asked me to photograph the cat.

I had to climb onto a ladder to take photos



We went inside  and I took the following photos!

The kitty is deaf, that is why she looked shocked when

my neighbor touched  her up.



Here she is in her moms arms and happy again


Surprise for Trompie!

Every morning when Trompie and I go for our first walk

we walk the same way,

Passing the same houses and also Trompie’s friends.

Buddy is one of Trompie’s first cat friends.

Buddy is very friendly and open for friendship.

Buddy has another cat living with him whose name is


Taking the s away from Snoopy gave the owner


Well, Noopy isn’t that dog friendly.

He is getting there to be friendly.

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Sunday Still’s : CATS

About Sunday Stills

Join us in a weekly photography challenge.

Sunday Stills is a place to hone your photography skills. Each Week Ed issues a new “Challenge” that gives us the opportunity to pick up what ever kind of camera we own and try and meet it. Sometimes we’ll look forward to it because it might seem fun and easy and sometimes we might have to rack our brain to get the appropriate shot to meet the assignment requirements. The purpose is to get out there and use our cameras.

Each Sunday Ed will provide us with a new challenge and maybe give some tips on getting the job done. Any one can join in, the more the merrier. After you’ve put up your Sunday Stills post on your blog send us the link to the post and we’ll put them up here so everyone can go visit your blog, check out your pictures and comment.

SUNDAY Stills the next challenge: CATS

Several years ago I read somewhere that if you were too busy to blog, rather than let your blog sit idle, you should post a picture of your cat.  I filed that tidbit away and have used it on more than one occasion.  Frequently those cat pictures end up among my favorite shots :-) .

I don’t know about you, but this has been a crazy summer.  Let’s all take some pictures of our cats or cats we like to visit.


I am not really into CATS.

Here are some cat photos from my archives.

First is MITZI, my sister’s cat

who is in heaven now!

She never liked it when I wanted to take a photo.

Two of her on the fence wall.

She was always on the look out for dogs trying to catch her.

The next is only a cat  on my son’s lap.

Don’t know its name or anything about it.

Then there is my friend here in NZ’s cat Aubrey.

He also is in heaven now.

The last but not the least is Buddy!

This is Trompie’s best friend just down the road.

These are all my cat photos I have.