Oh dear, poor Luigi! Michelle’s Pet Challenge


The last Pet Challenge  Luigi was

dog tired.

Today poor Luigi has to be locked up in a cage

(going to be for six weeks!!!!!!)

because he has broken his one front leg last Sunday while out

chasing the ducks at the duck pond!

He was in hospital since Sunday afternoon till Wednesday.

His leg is broken at two places and they had to put in a plate to keep it straight.

He has also nearly torn off his dew -claw on his other front leg.

The vet has also taken off both dew -claws.

Thursday Luigi went to work with my son’s partner.

Early Friday morning

Phone call:

Mum, could you PLEASE look after Luigi today?

Little buddy stayed with me for the day.

He is such a sweet, good boy.

No complaints!

While Luigi had to be quiet in his cage

Molly and Trompie enjoyed themselves .


Entertainment galore : Friendship Friday


Friendship Friday


Last week I had the opportunity to look after

Luigi and Molly Two Yorkies.

And don’t forget mr Trompie!

They enjoyed each others company  till the last minute.

Here are the game players!




He doesn’t want me to photograph him!


So I took a photo of him next to me


And then there is Trompie


Molly and Luigi sniffing each others noses


Trompie having a look asking

What’s up with you guys?


Then the big play session!

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What a sight! : Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday – March 13, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

This is only play!







Molly loves to be on top of Trompie!

This morning I got a big surprise

This is what the message said:

Congratulations, Ineke – you are the winner of my Pukka’s Promise Giveaway!
I am so excited for you – you are going to LOVE that book!

Please e-mail me ASAP with your mailing address so that I can forward your information to the publisher for fulfillment.

(My e-mail is on my sidebar where the letter icon is, should you need it).

Thanks and have a fabulous day!

Create With Joy
http://create-with-joy.comPukkas Promise

Create With Joy

Thank you so much I really appreciate it!

Trompie and me

Sunday Stills: Pets

I love to do PETS.


She was stung by a bee yesterday and did not feel well.

On Saturday she took part in the Santa Parade here she is ready to relax.

Dog tired after all the walking.100_6003

Then there is Trompie.

Yesterday he was patiently waiting for something to happen

while I was preparing our food.


Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Pets