I am still here!

Hi, everybody I am still here

working as scrapydo but

my space is getting less and less.

I am going to use the rest of my space on


Trompie is going to be there to tell of his experiences till there is no space left.

I started a new blog a while ago just to test it.

At the moment I am participating in

Photography 101 Β for this month.

After this I will go on with challenges or what ever comes up in my mind.

Please feel free to follow me at


Hope to see all my good friends joining me there too.

That's me!

That’s me!

16 comments on “I am still here!

    • I know! I have deleted a lot of my first posts and photos because they were huge! I cleared up a quarter of my space which I’m going to use for Trompie in future.

    • Yes, such is life! I tested at first by starting a new one on its own still using my original name and putting something extra in it! That’s the 2 which means second part of my writings. I did everything new! About page and all other thingies

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