It’s write easy


It’s Write Easy

July 27, 2012

Words: rain, difficulty, special day, building, theatre

Special Day

There are  hand full’s of special days in my life.

One special day I remember is when my son was born.

We did not expect to have children because we got married at a mature age. One thing we discussed ,before we got married ,was the possibility of never having children. It was not in our hands. I am so glad it just happened.

My son was born on a Sunday evening   9.30pm. This happened on August 9, 1981. I was so proud to be a mother. My husband called my parents to tell them it was a boy. My mother, who picked up the phone, could not believe that it was a boy. She asked my husband if it was a twin because it was supposed to be a girl!.

Let me quickly explain: my side of the family are all female. My father was the last male in the family. That is why my mother could not believe it is a boy .

The birth of my son is a very special day and I will always remember it.

Then there is also something special connected to the August  9. After the democratic elections in South Africa  some special days were instated. I have to thank Nelson Mandela for taking the 9th of August as a special day for women. Every year on my sons’ birthday everybody could stay home because it was Women’s Day. My son enjoyed the idea of not going to school on his birthday.

Words for quick writing: flowers, embarrassment, summer, place, happiness


I love to take photos of flowers. The last two months I have been taking photos of my Cymbidium(orchid) I took photos from where the first spike started to come out. Then I kept an eye on it and took photos once a week on a Thursday. Every week I could see how it was growing. Then one evening the first flower opened and I took a photo again. Now all eight flowers are fully open.

I am so glad they all opened because orchids easily throw off their flowers or buds.

There is also a smaller second spike with only three flowers. They are also fully open now. I took a photo again this morning because the sun was shining and the flowers were in the sun inside my room. I usually like to take photos without a flash that is why it was great to have the sunlight shining on them.

 This is no 2 of my  52 Pick up – flowers



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