In Memoriam

(In Memoriam may refer to:

In memoriam, a Latin phrase that directly translates as “into memory”, examples of its uses can be found in obituaries and in epitaphs )



Albertus Stephanus Kruger-


Born :

17 January 1959


18 August 1993


26 August 1993, Mooifontein cemetery(2274) Kempton Park, South Africa

Bert 002

17 August 1993

Committed suicide by

shooting himself through his temple.

Hospitalized : 3 pm Evander Hospital

By ambulance to Johannesburg hospital

Where he was on life support till

11 pm 18 August 1993.

I had to decide to stop the support

and donated his kidneys and heart valves for transplantation.



Begrip vir mense

Kolossense 4: 6

Wat julle se, moet altyd vriendelik wees en van goeie smaak getuig; en julle moet weet hoe julle elkeen behoort te antwoord.

Things that make up me…Thursday special

I did my piece of writing for

It’s write easy

last Friday about things that make up you/me

I feel I want to share this piece of writing and also an old clipping from 1973.

1.Things that make up me…


1972 – starting a new year, in an unknown town  and a whole new way of living for me.

After coming back from an awesome 3 weeks of touring South America I had to leave my parents home and start a whole new life on my own.I had been living and teaching for four years from home near Pretoria.

I got a  teaching job in Potgietersrus,starting January 1972. My first year there I had to stay in the hostel as part of my contract. Coping with teaching grade 2 in English(me as an Afrikaans speaking person) and looking after children in the hostel stretched my nerves to the full.

The hostel had two floors. The ground floor was the easy floor. Children from farmers who lived too far out of town were hosted there. They always went home during weekends.

The first floor had children from Johannesburg or Die Rand who were taken away from problem parents. They never went home during the term. They could only go home July holidays and then December. These poor children had many problems. They were from broken and poor homes.

Why I am writing about 1972 and my first year in Potgieterus has a twist!

On Facebook, I am taking part in, posting a photo a day. A topic is given for each day of the month. Monday the topic was trees. Someone posted a photo of a dead tree next to  Moorddrift monument. The camel thorn tree burned down some years back. A young tree is already growing there, very slowly There is a historical background to these trees. There were two big thorn trees growing on the side of the Nyl River. It was a good spot to camp for the group of Voortrekkers-Pioneers. During the night/day a nearby tribe came and killed the whole group. There were 6 children in the group. These childrens heads were bashed against  the two trees killing them. This is why the trees are historical importance.

May,1973 I took my std 1 class to this monument and gave them a lesson on the historical background on the moments there. A magazine, Die Landbouweekblad took a photo of us with the two big trees still growing at that time.

I told the person who posted the dead tree, about this picture. She asked me if I could show it to her.  After some digging in my boxes which I haven’t unpacked yet, I found the clipping and I sent it to the lady who posted it on Facebook.

I am very proud of myself because I first had to scan the picture and upload it to my computer, then I had to upload it onto facebook.

Now I am going to paste it onto my blog too!

Moorddrift doringboom

The one in the green dress is me!


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Writing 101, Day eleven: My home when I was 12

Tell us about the home where you lived when you were twelve. Which town, city, or country? Was it a house or an apartment? A boarding schoolor foster home? An airstream or an RV? Who lived there with you?

Today’s twist: pay attention to your sentence lengths and use short, medium, and long sentences as you compose your response about the home you lived in when you were twelve.


June 19, 2014


My home, to me as a twelve year old girl, was a house in a rural area called Erasmia in South Africa. I lived there for 5 years with my parents and two sisters.

There were not many houses at that time. Today it is a town on its own and also a suburb of Pretoria(today called Tswane).

This house, in Peter Street, had three bedrooms, a kitchen- big enough to house a dining table, a lounge, bathroom and toilet.

I shared a bedroom with my younger sister . We each had a bed that was folded  up against the wall during the day. On top was a shelve from which hang a curtain to cover it up. When using the beds at night, we had to make sure that the two front legs were wide open.  It happened at times that, while turning around in my sleep, the legs would collapse. It was quite a shock when you suddenly fall out of bed! I can still remember it clearly!

The kitchen was the best place to be. Most of our daily activities took place there. We had a black Esse wood stove. My mother baked delicious dishes in it. Wintertime it was warm and cosy in the kitchen. My parents usually closed the inner door to keep it lovely and warm. We would sit around the table and listen to the radio. First the news at 7pm and the bible reading at quarter past(boeke vat) . The best was the evening story 7:30 pm – “Die geheim van Nantes” and/or “Die de Plooys van Soetmelksvlei.”

I can’t remember much more of the house. It had three round windows in the front. This was kind of unusual for those days. There was a small “stoep”(veranda) at the side. A double door let you through to the lounge.

The garden was quite big. It went up a hill or “koppie”. At the top were big boulders and some tall trees. We loved to play there. It felt like in the jungle. All covered between the branches. Nobody could see us when we were up there. We usually played Tarzan and the apes. We climbed these trees like real monkeys.

At the bottom of this hill there was a chicken run. We always had hens and fresh laid eggs. There were also turkeys – they were for Christmas time!

This is all I can Remember at the moment. 

The “Koppie” and front of the house with its round windows.


More photos of  my home at 12



Vandag sou dit Mamma se verjaarsdag gewees het.

Vir my was sy nie Moeder of Ma nie maar


Liewe Mamma hier is n liedjie net vir u

dankie mamma
vir die jare saam met jou
dankie vir gebede
al het ek soms nie geweet

ek bring vandag hulde aan jou mamma
vir elke roos uit jou hand ontvang
die saamwees elke dag
lang ente se stap langs die rivier
wyse raad elke drukkie elke traan

dankie mamma
vir die jare saam met jou
dankie vir gebede
al het ek soms nie geweet

ek bring vandag hulde aan jou mamma
hier langs jou graf
weet ek sal jou nooit kan vergeet
van liefde so groot soos jou hart
uit jou moedershand

dankie mamma
vir die jare saam met jou
dankie vir gebede
al het ek soms nie geweet



Die laaste fotos wat geneem is in 2006

voordat Mamma opgeneem is in die hospitaal.

Uitdaging 35 – Boeke: Challenge 35 – Books

Uitdaging 35 – Boeke – Pixie


For more information.


My heiligdom!

Die klompie boeke het hoofsaaklik die gewig van my trek volgemaak.

Ek kan nie sonder boeke nie.

Onderste rak is al my honde-boeke.

tweede van onder my scrapbook, quilt en kunsvlyt boeke.

Derde rak van onder my

geestelike boeke en my kleinnood in afrikaans wat saam gekom het.


My foto-albums!


Kinderboeke en skoolboeke wat ek gebruik het




My woordeboeke langs my rekenaarskerm


My blokraaiselboeke langs my stoel waarsonder

ek nie  kan klaarkom nie!



Sommer skielik lus gehad om iets oor n veertjie te skryf.



(photo taken at the Quilt Festival February 2014)




Lief veertjie, liewe kind

ligter as ‘n briesie lentewind

weet jy hoe innig

is ons aan jou verbind?


Lief veertjie , liewe hoop

wat soos ‘n bergstroompie loop

weet jy hoe vinnig

maak jy vir ons bloeisels oop?


Lief veertjie, liewe blom

met ‘n geur wat uit die hemel kom

weet jy hoeveel

gee ons tog vir jou om?


Lief veertjie, liewe ster

wat vir ons flikker uit die verste ver

Weet jy hoe diep

die see is wat ons versper?


Lief veertjie, liefsteling

wat diep in ons hart ‘n liedjie sing

weet jy hoe groot

oor jou is ons verwondering?





Liefde : Love


Onderwerp is : Liefde (Love)

Ek het in 2007 n Memory Healing kursus gedoen

Ons moes so veel as moontlik kunsvlyt tegnieke wat ons geleer het in n uitbeelding van gevoel doen

Ek het die liedjie “Blomme” deur Pieter Smit gebruik.

Die liedjie is opgedra aan my seun wat op daardie stadium New Zealand toe verhuis het.

Hier is die werk wat ek gedoen het


Die woorde!




Object: Weekly Photo Challenge


While doing my photography course I used a variety of


Here are some of them.


Bottle of colored sand from the Namib desert


Bottle of wine given to each grade 7 student in Primary School.


Our domestic help did this traditional beading.

She covered a glass milk bottle(think half a pint bottle)

She made one for each  of my sisters and me.


Wooden cruncher from Zimbabwe.


Just another lovely object.

Blue :Tuesday’s A to Z challenge: “B”

Tuesday’s A to Z challenge: “B”


B is for



Jan F.E. Cilliers

Dis  Al

Dis die BLOND
dis die BLOU
dis die veld,
dis die lug;
en ‘n voël draai bowe in eensame vlug –
dis al

Dis n BALLING  gekom
oor die oseaan,
dis n graf in die gras,
dis n vallende traan –
dis al

Three words staring with