52 Pick Up: Week 27: Take a drive

52 Pick Up

This originally started out as a personal challenge, but now it is open to anyone who wishes to join in.  The name 52 Pick Up is relevant because through the challenge I hope to “pick up” my photography style and further advance my craft

Should you wish to join me in this challenge, here are the rules:

  1. The theme begins on Sunday and at least one image on the theme must be posted by the following Saturday.
  2. Images can be captured on my Digital SLR, point-and-shoot or even the phone on my camera.
  3. Each image must be taken during the theme week. No scrounging back through last year’s photos for “a good one”. That would be cheating and the challenge is about taking new photos with new inspiration!
  4. Images are allowed to be post processed. I shoot in RAW and use Photoshop Elements 9.0 for post processing. My favourite actions come from Pure Photoshop ActionsPaint the Moon and MCP Actions. If you haven’t checked them out yet you should. They both offer freebies to give you a taste of how their products work.
Each week I will post the challenge.  If you are participating, add a link to the photo you have taken in the comment section of that post.

This Week’s Challenge

Week 27: Take a Drive

So join me each week as I continue in my photographic journey. Share a comment, your own images, or perhaps just be inspired to develop your own art of photography.


This weeks Challenge TAKE A DRIVE 

I am taking a drive down MEMORY LANE.

This is going to be a flash back to the place I grew up. After coming back from Zimbabwe in 2010 my sister and I decided that while we are near where we grew up, we might as well go and have a look at the old place.

We started our journey from Rustenburg to Hartbeespoort.

We stopped at Tan Ralie se Winkel.

We crossed the dam wall and went through the tunnel

Hartbeespoort is a real holiday town.

Then off we went to Hennops River.

This is where I was a teacher my first 4 years

It is still a 4 teacher  school and still looks the same.

Still dirt road as always. We lived here from 1960 to 1980

Our old drive in gate has changed> We could not go in.

We only had a glimpse of the roof from the side.

The next is very interesting. Old and new street name boards.

The old one

And the new one

The best was that our old water wind pump was still there as well as the small pump shed.

Windpomp en pomphuis.

While we were still living there it was all wide open spaces. No walls only fences around the pieces of farm land.

This was a very sentimental journey we had down memory lane.

Earth quake last night

Major quake felt throughout NZ

Updated at 12:54 am today

A major earthquake rattled parts of New Zealand on Tuesday night.

GeoNet says the magnitude 7 quake hit the west coast of the North Island at 10.36pm.

The quake was centred out to sea at a depth of 230km, 60km south of Opunake in Taranaki and 170km northwest of the capital Wellington.

The long, rolling tremor was felt from the Bay of Plenty in the North Island to Dunedin in the South Island and lasted about 30 seconds.

No tsunami warning has been issued and there have been no reports of serious damage.

GeoNet said the quake was felt widely throughout the country due to its depth. However, seismologist Lara Bland told Radio New Zealand if there are any aftershocks, they should be small.

“There is no risk of a tsunami from an earthquake like this – it’s occurred too deep for the sea floor to be disturbed.

“For an earthquake this size you might see a few aftershocks. Given that they will be smaller and off the coast, they might not be felt as widely at all.”

Opunake Beach Holiday Park manager Dean Marden told Radio New Zealandhe was woken up by the tremor.

“My wife and I lay in bed feeling like someone was gently shaking the bed and the house, then suddenly after what seemed like five seconds the whole room felt like it was rolling.”

Mr Marden says some things fell over in his house, but otherwise they are okay.

A shallow quake of magnitude 3.9 occurred in Canterbury at 11.07pm. GeoNet says the tremor was 20km east of Christchurch at a depth of 9km. The magnitude 7 quake was also felt in the city which was badly damaged in a devastating quake in February last year.

No damage to gas rigs

Shell Exploration says the 7-magnitude quake did not damage the Maui A and Maui B drilling platforms off the Taranaki coast.

The company says as part of standard procedures after an earthquake checks were made at crucial places around the rigs and no damage was found.

However, Shell says workers on the Maui A rig say they felt the quake and described it as one of the biggest they have experienced.


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I jumped out of bed! Everything happened so quickly. Trompie barked at the rumbling.

We are save and sound. No damage done.