52 Pick Up: Week 31 Family



I came to New Zealand in March 2009.

All the family good byes.

My birthday is in February And here is my last birthday with my 2 sisters in South Africa 2009

We had a good time, I received an ice-cream with one candle from the staff.

Then it was goodbye to my older  sister  and her daughter and her grand children

I hang onto both of them!

At the airport my in-laws also came to say good-bye.

In New Zealand with my son!

(My sister came with me and visited for a month)

Then I had to go back in 2010

My sisters daughter and husband took me back again to the airport.

Here is my real last good-bye to the youngest daughter.

It is such a lovely photo I had to share it.

Good- bye South Africa

Some days I wish I could just hop over and visit my family again.

10 comments on “52 Pick Up: Week 31 Family

    • The last one meant a lot to me she really hugged me with love. She is a dreamer and on our way to the airport she told my all kinds of stories – all in her mind not real ones

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