Story Challenge: Letter “J”

Today is the letter “J”  for the story challenge.

I took the word


Jumbo (1861 – September 15, 1885) was a large African Bush Elephant, born 1861 in the French Sudan – present-dayMali – imported to a Paris zoo, transferred to the London Zoo in 1865, and sold in 1882 to P. T. Barnum, for the circus.

The giant elephant’s name has spawned the common word “jumbo“, meaning large in size. Jumbo’s height, estimated to be 3.25 metres (10.7 ft) in the London Zoo, was claimed to be approximately 4 metres (13.1 ft) by the time of his death.

This brings me to my JUMBO story.

On our way to visit Zimbabwe in 2010 we had to drive north through Botswana

before we crossed the northern border to Zimbabwe.

We were driving the whole morning on and on and on.

Then suddenly

there he was

one lonely


Looks like a young one. Teeth are not that long yet!

Driving on we saw some more elephants.

Some days later when returning back from our visit in Zambia

we came across this old one.

One can see he is a loner.

He quickly turned away and was gone before I could take another photo.

Map of Botswana

We were on our way from Francistown to Kasane and near Chobe we saw the first group of elephants.

We were driving in a bus that is why we could see them easily