It’s write easy!


September 14, 2012

Starting points…

  1. It was impossible
  2. I opened the…
  3. You can’t make me
  4. The warning came
  5. I tried everything.

The warning came…

The warning came and I could not think what it was that gave the warning!

Last Sunday morning while I was up the hill walking Trompie (my best buddy) I heard this warning signal! It wasn’t like an ambulance or police car siren. It was more like a hard long whistle.

I walked on, going round the grove on my way back. Then I heard this hard hissing and puffing  noise and ah ha. I recognized it!  It said chook –chook puff- puff  and clack a clack.

I was just near the bridge at the top of the hill and there it came!

An old steam engine saying  “sakka pakka ,sout en peper ,gee my stoom dan loop ek beter.”( that is how we describe it in afrikaans)

In the front was a diesel engine , then came this huge gleaming black steam engine. Puffing away its familiar  smoke, up into the blue sky. It was pulling at least 5 or 6 old fashioned  red carriages.

This was so amazing.

The first warning came from the train whistle when it crossed the road in Upper Hutt.

Later the afternoon I came across a gentleman who lives near me and he gave me some more interesting facts about the railways. He said that Kruickshank  Road is built on top where the rails for the trains were. Going up the hill and then through a tunnel that he says is the longest tunnel in  New Zealand. I am not familiar with all these interesting things. Very interesting I must say.  He also said something about the diesel engine pulling the train through the tunnel and then it disconnects and the steam engine goes on its way on its own.

Big Steam Sunday 7th October

08 Sep 2012

Your chance to get up close to a real live steam locomotive.

Built in 1930, our C class locomotive number 847 is now the only operating member of its class in New Zealand. Your ticket entitles you to as many rides behind this loco as you want in our 2 heritage passenger carriages.

A great day our for all the family at Wellington’s only operating heritage railway.

The Rimutaka Tunnel (officially Tunnel 2, Wairarapa Line) is a railway tunnel through New Zealand‘s Rimutaka Ranges, betweenMaymorn, near Upper Hutt, and Featherston, on the Wairarapa Line.

The tunnel, which was opened to traffic on 3 November 1955, is 8.798 kilometres (5.467 mi) long. It was the longest tunnel in New Zealand, superseding the Otira Tunnel in the South Island until the completion of the Kaimai Tunnel (8.88 km, 5.55 miles) nearTauranga in 1978. Rimutaka remains the longest tunnel in New Zealand with scheduled passenger trains.

10 minute quick writing!


Going from place to place, from home to the shops, from home to my son’s place, while I could not drive because of my injury made me use my two feet to go places.

Use my feet to get to the bus stop and take the bus to the shops!

We used the bus as transport before getting a vehicle/ motorcar.

Transport has changed much since the time we used our feet to get  to where we wanted to. Sometimes we used a bicycle or even a horse or donkey. Public transport came into use like buses and trains. Today most people want to own their own transport to take them to work or any other place they want to go.

No walking, no fresh air, even no bus or train journey is good enough today.

Cars are the best today!(That’s what everybody says till you don’t have it)