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September 28, 2012

Starting points…

  1. Tidiness is next to Godliness
  2. Manners make a man
  3. I wanted/never wanted to write/paint/sing (or similar)
  4. I was made to…
  5. I was so embarrassed

I never wanted to

I never wanted to do scrap booking! Today I am  a scrap book fanatic.

I always thought that pasting photos into an album and decorating it with embellishments was a waste of time. I proofed myself wrong about 10 years ago.

While I was teaching at a private school in Potgietersrus, the discussion came up what we were going to do during the long December holiday 2004. One of the lady teachers said she wanted to go for a class in making dream catchers. I agreed to join her. We booked our session. The day before the session the art shop told us that they could not get hold of small hoops to make the dream catcher. There was a class in making sun catcher which wasn’t what we really wanted but we decided to do it on one condition:

I’ll do the sun catcher with my friend and she will do a scrap book class with me.

What a challenge. I never wanted to do scrap booking but this was the only arty classes we could attend.

We did the sun catcher and the scrap book classes and later the dream catcher also. After the scrap book class my friend said she was not interested in  doing it. I did the second class just for the idea to do something.

The best part of it all was that the art shop had a Saturday scrap book workshop and I attended. I made 3 or 4 pages. We had to pick the best of our pages to go in the draw for  the best page of the day.

To my surprise  I won the first prize, a beautiful album to put in all my pages.

After that  Saturday it happened that the tutor moved out of town. The art shop owner asked me if I would be interested in doing the classes. I agreed. From that day on I just got better and better. As the saying goes: Practice makes perfect. I even had the opportunity to do classes in a nearby town. At the end I even qualified as an advanced scrap book tutor.

I had many happy days doing this craft. I enjoyed preparing  unique pages and made  great friends.

Some of the ladies are still my friends although I am far away.

My first ever scrap book page!


This is the page with which I won the first prize.

10 minute quick writing:

Words:  uniform, war time, restriction, writing, poetry


Writing is not one of my strong points. Also using another language than my home language makes it difficult at times.

I started to attend the Write Easy classes because I thought it could help me to improve my writing. It is really worth the while because I feel that I can write much easier and fluently than before I started the classes. I even felt yesterday when writing my passage I did not need the dictionary that much to look up spelling of some words. I still make some sentence structure mistakes. It is still going to take  time to get better and better. It also helps not to think in Afrikaans before I start writing. I must think and write in English.

I never thought that I would ever write my stories in English of all languages.