Spring Festival : Upper Hutt , New Zealand

Spring Festival in our Main Street.

It was heavy clouded early morning.

No rain fell and it was warm and humid.

Some flower arrangements in the church.

Very special.

Old cars!

Toekenning: Award

Nou kry ek darem vreeslik lekker! Ek kan in Afrikaans my toekenning ontvang!


wat die volgende van haarself se het die toekenning vir my gepos.

…die Huis op die Hoek derdestraat links se ouvroutjie met die oorgroot Kamerjas ,….

Baie dankie Dirkie ek geniet jou gesprekke met Mia, Swarthond en jouself baie. Doet so voort


Ek “moet ” 15 poste nomineer en hul laat weet van die nominasie.

inspiring award

I am supposed to nominate 15 bloggers that mean a lot to me in the blogosphere.

Die volgende blogs het elk n spesiale plekkie op my blog-rak.










Adventure: The Daily Post : Weekly Photo Challenge




I had a wonderful adventure on Thursday.

I have a friend who lives on a small holding.

It is about 30 minutes drive from where I live.

It was much like the song:

Old McDonald had a farm

and on the farm there were some -

Rainbow: Skywatch Friday

A place to enjoy skies and views from all around the globe. Skywatch is only as good as the people who post here. It is a “not for profit, not for awards” fun place to post and link from. Simply take a picture which includes the Sky, post that picture on your blog and then come here and put your preferred name and link in the relevant places. Try to visit others on the links, those at the beginning and the end.


RAINBOW in the sky.

This afternoon – about 17:30 it look like this from my front door.



Grateful to go out on cloudy & rainy days

I am very grateful for trains and busses that take people over 65 to places they won’t visit on their own.

The best is that between 9 am to 3 pm the trip is free!

I try to make a trip to Wellington city once a week now that the weather is clearing up.

Last week was very cold and cloudy.

This week the weather here in Upper Hutt was kind of clear.

Sorry to say, just before reaching Wellington station there was a heavy down pour .

It was dry during my stroll along the harbour.

I am so grateful that I could take some photos of the dark clouds


Then the sun appeared.


Better still,

nearly clear sky gave me the following


and this one!


These photos are all taken at the civic center in

Wellington New Zealand

Then back home again.


I am very grateful for the opportunity to take some special photos again.

I am grateful for having the talent to see the beauty around me and to photograph them.

I am grateful this week for an excellent report on my photo by my tutor!

What have you been grateful for this week?



for more grateful people.

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