Lunch time at Strawberry Cafe

Today, before going to Weta World


Strawberry Cafe

Mine was a cheese platter


Kiki had Very Berry sorbet & every thing berry


Stella had peanut-butter cheesecake …


Bertus had pecan nut & caramel


This old butler/waiter was waiting for payment


Weta World Studios: Trolls

Wow, I had the opportunity to visit

Weta World Studios.

We did not do the tour into the real studio.

The shop and small exhibition area has enough to see and photograph.

Outside the building next to the entrance were

Three Trolls.


What do you see?

Inside the studio/shop…

Who are these characters?

Last ones…

Hope you enjoyed visiting Weta World!

Grateful to go out on cloudy & rainy days

I am very grateful for trains and busses that take people over 65 to places they won’t visit on their own.

The best is that between 9 am to 3 pm the trip is free!

I try to make a trip to Wellington city once a week now that the weather is clearing up.

Last week was very cold and cloudy.

This week the weather here in Upper Hutt was kind of clear.

Sorry to say, just before reaching Wellington station there was a heavy down pour .

It was dry during my stroll along the harbour.

I am so grateful that I could take some photos of the dark clouds


Then the sun appeared.


Better still,

nearly clear sky gave me the following


and this one!


These photos are all taken at the civic center in

Wellington New Zealand

Then back home again.


I am very grateful for the opportunity to take some special photos again.

I am grateful for having the talent to see the beauty around me and to photograph them.

I am grateful this week for an excellent report on my photo by my tutor!

What have you been grateful for this week?


for more grateful people.

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Tuesday A – Z challenge : Letter G – Golden moment

This morning I went to Wellington to take some photos

for my last practical Lesson.

Creative Photos using all the techniques we learned during the course.

This was a



when I saw the following!



Wellington, an awesome visit no3

The third part of the visit was

using the Cable Car up to the Botanical Gardens.

Going up in the Cable Car.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We also saw the Bee Hive, a Bear shop and the Train Station.

We went back at about 2 0’clock.

Tired but very happy.

We really had a good time in Wellington.

Wellington, an awesome visit no 2

Thursday morning I parked my car at the Upper Hutt station and

we went into Wellington by train.

A whole group of International students also joined us on the train.


They were not interested in visiting museums and art galleries.

They just enjoyed the  ice skating.

On the way to the Civic center.

My student and I at first went to the

City Gallery in Civic Square.

I took the following photos of the square.

WE enjoyed the City Gallery although my student is not that much interested in art.

We also visited the

Museum of Wellington City and sea.

This was very interesting.

This museum is ranked as one of the 50 best museums in the world by The Times of London.

It takes you back a thousand years and leads you to a vibrant present day Wellington.

Next post: Cable car to the Botanical Gardens

Wellington, an awesome visit no1

It has been another busy week in the

Scrapydo camp.

We (that is my student and I) went on some

School Activities on Thursday!

The International students had to visit at least 5 interesting places in and around Wellington.

The week between the two long weekend was horrible weather wise.

Wednesday and Thursday were two better days.

Wednesday we went to the beach at Petone.

We first visited the Learning Connection.

A place where you can do anything crafty.


We met a dog there and I had to taken photos of it.

It had one blue and one brown eye.

 Then we went on to the SEA!


Next post : See you in Wellington!