I am still here!

Hi, everybody I am still here

working as scrapydo but

my space is getting less and less.

I am going to use the rest of my space on


Trompie is going to be there to tell of his experiences till there is no space left.

I started a new blog a while ago just to test it.

At the moment I am participating in

Photography 101  for this month.

After this I will go on with challenges or what ever comes up in my mind.

Please feel free to follow me at


Hope to see all my good friends joining me there too.

That's me!

That’s me!

Weta World Studios: Trolls

Wow, I had the opportunity to visit

Weta World Studios.

We did not do the tour into the real studio.

The shop and small exhibition area has enough to see and photograph.

Outside the building next to the entrance were

Three Trolls.


What do you see?

Inside the studio/shop…

Who are these characters?

Last ones…

Hope you enjoyed visiting Weta World!

Clydesdale horses : Wedding carraige

The Pirongia Clydesdales are New Zealand’s most recognised and admired team of Clydesdale horses. Visit their home and working stables, and enjoy the Coach House Café on site. Situated in historical Pirongia Village, in the heart of Waikato, the Clydesdales are available for weddings and special events throughout the country.

It was a wonderful experience to ride on a carriage pulled

by two majestic Clydesdale horses





I am not very brave when it comes to horses.


Last nights meal

My international student cooks on  Saturday evenings our dinner.

Last night we had

Diced beef,

prawns eggs dish


red rice.


Mine was on a plate(western way)

It was well-flavored and delicious.

Hers was in a bowl(eastern way)


Naaldekoker : Dragonfly


Laurika Rauch

Die kind was lief vir nalekokers vang
Bloues, en rooies, en miskien ook geles
Groot aardigheid ril deur sy lyf
Vannie bewe vannie nalekokerlyf
Ou man staan by donkerrooi blom
Ligrooi nalekoker op donkerroooi blom

Ou man steek hand uit
Bewe, tas mis
Hy lag verleë vryf sy nek
Die mense sal mos dink hy’s gek
Nalekoker, daggaroker, moerskwaai moker
Dissie wind dissie wind geswind
Hiert jou nalekoker
Hiert, hiert!
Jou nalekoker

Woorde en Musiek: Boerneef/ Laurika Rauch


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New Zealand’s largest dragonfly, Uropetala carovei, is often seen in summer near bush streams and swamps. Dragonflies are strong flyers and hunt smaller flying insects for food.

Let’s do a dog snow hop!

Click here to join the hop!

Have a look at what Kirby did with his first snow visit


My photos are of Trompie in the snow

last year end of August.


Wew, I wonder what this could be!?

Let me have another look at the other side!


Mmmm, very strange!



I don’t know what to think of this white stuff.

Is it wet or cold




Just look at these human beings!

Throwing each other with balls of this stuff

( We all enjoyed the snow last year)

We do not have white Christmas here.

Today was extra hot with the cyclone nearing us from the north,

31 C