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Red Admiral upperside

The native Red Admiral that is only found in New Zealand. Despite the obvious similarity, it is a different species from the ‘Red Admiral’ (Vanessa atalanta) and ‘Indian Red Admiral’ (Vanessa indica) found in Europe, Asia and North America. The Maori name means Red Cloak. This is a long-lived butterfly that can have a lifespan of about 9 months for the over-wintering generation. It is expected that the lifespan is between 4 to 6 months for the summer generations. Between September and April, it can be seen in most of its life stages.

Lunar Eclipse – Blood Moon

Awesome photos!



Tonight we have had solar eclipse.  Now we have a blood moon.

I don’t have a tripod which made it rather hard to get sharp photos.  As the moon got covered it also got harder to actually focus on it as well.  I ended up using a pillow on a tall fence with the zoom out to 624.  There are obviously better photos around but here is my humble effort.  If anyone has some ideas on how to improve my photos I would love to hear them.













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A to Z Challenge : O for Outback

This is worth seeing!

Memories are made of this

The road travels endlessly to the horizon The road travels endlessly to the horizon

2010 was a good year in the Australian Outback, the rains had fallen on the usually dry and barren land and the shimmering  silver of the Mitchel grass plains stretched to the horizon to meet the relentless blue of the sky. It is an unforgettable sight.

It was the year we travelled round Australia. Photographs cannot convey the splendour and immense beauty of this land. The emptiness and vastness, the feeling of isolation, it is a land that must be experienced.

The life giving windmill The life giving windmill

As sun sets we find a place to camp among some spindly gum trees and listen to the quiet whirring of the windmill as it draws the life-sustaining water from deep in the earth. We drift to sleep under a huge canopy of stars.

For thousands of years the Aboriginals lived in harmony with the Outback. I came across this inspiring YouTube as I searched…

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