I am sorry that I did not post a It’s write easy passage the week before last week. I had a really busy week and did not have time to prepare myself.

This week was another difficult week. I prepared my passage in rough on Thursday morning. Went to town en had a bad fall. I could not attend the It’s write easy session because I had to go to the doctor, x-rays were taken etc. etc. I hurt my right hand so badly that I can’ use it. I am only typing with one finger.

Here is the piece I prepared for Friday August 17, 2012

August  17, 2012


Words to use:  ornament, books, animals, trees, visit



Books are still an important part of my life.

I know younger people would say books are old fashioned. I don’t mind to be old fashioned when it comes to books. I can’t resist going into a bookshop when passing one. I also sometimes can’t help myself and will buy a book that looks interesting. I usually do not buy fiction, one can borrow those from the library. Even non-fiction can be borrowed without spending money on it.

When I moved to New Zealand I gave up all my belongings, only my precious books and photo albums were shipped to New Zealand. Books are the only things I really cared for. I have a great collection of  scrapbooking books, books on dogs and orchids. I also still have my Afrikaans recipe  books. Stamp collection and photo albums are also part of my book collection.

With my books I also packed some precious ornaments. Heirlooms from my family which are very important to me too. There are also some small ornaments from friends which they have given me during the years. There are also precious ornaments and cards from my students  which I kept during the years.


I would have loved to put a photo on my post but I am not up to it at the moment.


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