It’s write easy : Fear

It’ write easy


August 3, 2012

Words for today: farm, leisure, fashion, jealousy , fear


Fear means “painful emotion caused by impending danger or evil” Oxford dictionary

My biggest fear is for horses.  I have tried to overcome it but it did not help.

I am a qualified animal behaviorist . I did an extra year studying and qualifying in Animal Assisted Activities. This is supposed to help me get over my fear for  horses too. Well, it does not work that way with me. As soon as I go near a horse I tighten up , and they know that, I can’t  relax I am too afraid it is going to bite or kick me!

Now, where does this come from?


While I was still very young we visited some family on a sheep farm in the Orange Free State.  There were two horses for riding. One was a real tame happy go lucky horse and the other one was a wild young horse. This young horse was my cousins, only he could really ride it. His sister used it to get to the sheep and he threw her off. There is the first fright I got been kicked off.

My mother also told us to look out for things horses could do. Kicking when passing behind them and biting if they get the chance to get hold of you.

The tame horse was the one we could ride on. My mother was a good horse rider and she always took us on rides on Roddy. Then one day my mother decided that I should ride on my own. She helped me on the horse and wanted to lead the horse around. There wasn’t  a chance. The horse decided he was going to give me a ride on his own. He started walking away with me on his back. My mother grabbed me by my pants to pull me off. I can’t remember anything more – only the way my mother ran after us and grabbing me.

When I studied the Animal Assisted Activity I had to do practical work using animals. The only person I could do it with was an equestrian therapist near me.  I went for all the sessions using horses to assist traumatized children.  I told the therapist about my fear for horses and she tried to give me some therapy. It did not work because I still don’t feel at ease around these big animals.


Scrapbook page of those good old days.



My mother and my younger sister on Roddy.

Today’s quick writing words were: rainbow, water, view, dirt, vegetables.


As soon as there is a rainbow in the sky you know that the rain is over.

Early this morning the weather was good. It wasn’t very cold, no rain but a bit windy.  I walked Trompie at about 7:45 am. There was only a cloud here and there. One big cloud was above me while I was walking. It was drizzly and wet under this cloud. It drifted away more to the hills. Then on the way back I saw that the cloud had moved away more over the hills. Then there it was, only a small part of a rainbow. It looked as if it started at the top of the hills going up and disappeared into my rain cloud. The rainbow piece was very wide and colorful.

I thought about how we explain the rainbow from the Bible where Noah got out of the Arc.

The rainbow is there to  remind us of God’s promise never to overflow the earth again.