Zoom photos: A word a week : Zoom

Time to break out the zoom lens or turn on the digital one as this weeks A Word A Week Challenge is Zoom.    Once a week I dip into the dictionary and pick a word that the page falls open at.   If you would like to take part please add a link to your post back to this one so others can follow the trail and join in or check out entries of other bloggers.   Don’t forget to add a tag ‘A Word A Week Challenge’ so I can find you easily as I like to reblog some of the entries each week to share the love and highlight new bloggers on the grid.   If you would like an automatic alert for this challenge each week just hit the follow button on my page.


Here are some of my attempts at using a zoom.


A few weeks ago I had to use the zoom action while taking photos for my photography course. Trompie gave me lots of time to photograph him . He is always very hot and tired after our afternoon walks. He loves to just stretch out on the clover patch at home before going inside.

16 comments on “Zoom photos: A word a week : Zoom

    • Thank you. I had to do the zooming for my photography lesson that’s why I have lots of them. These photos were taken after our walk in the heat of the afternoon and Trompie always takes a rest on my clover patch before coming inside.

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