Friendship Friday: It’s write easy

Today the 8 of February 2013, we started

It’s write easy


We were only four people.

This did not scare us off. We did two pieces of writing and

we have some homework for next week.

Here are three busy writing their short anecdotes .DSCF1110

The lady in the middle is Audrey. She is our tutor and already 88.

Here are my two pieces I have done today.

February 8, 2013

Words:  train, car, storing, luck, books


After my husband’s death in 1993 I had to decide if I would stay on in Secunda, South Africa – where we have been living for 13 years – or move away nearer to my family who are in Naboomspruit and Pietersburg. At that time I had a job at the library in Secunda.

I got a job offer near Potgietersrus at the end of  December 1994, off we went to Potties.

I had to arrange to store all my belongings because I had to rent out my place. Everything was packed in boxes and ready to move or store before we went to Potgietersrus. I had to arrange for storage because I could not find a place to live  at first. I arranged  for a truck to take it to a storage company in Potgietersrus.

Luckily  for me ,I found a place to move in the Friday before the company would move my stuff on Saturday to Potgietersrus. I moved into my new place without having to store my belongings at first.

Storing is very expensive and I was glad to cancel the contract for storing everything.

Second Writing

Words: home, bedtime, rules, dislikes, color


Bedtime is the best time of the day/night. Everybody slows down. Everybody goes to his or her own bed or bedroom and there is silence, till someone disturbs the night with dreams or snoring.

As parents we are supposed to see that the young ones get enough sleep. It is so wonderful to see or be with a child that is happy before he/she goes to bed. I usually read a bedtime story to my son before he fell asleep. He always enjoyed hearing  certain stories over and over again. There is no use to put a child to bed if he/she is all worked up and excited.

A hot bath helps also to relax the body and after that ,a calm chat or story will also relax a child. Even grown up’s need to be calm before they go to bed, otherwise they will have night mares and they don’t want to go to bed because of bad dreams