When Words Fail…

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Has there ever been a day like this?

Presidents, former presidents, prime ministers, heads of states, very, very important people from across the globe. Actors, actresses, princes, sports stars…name it, and they’re gathered under one proverbial roof. And alongside them, the poor, the common citizens, the beggars and the street vendors.

And the family.

And a global audience, most probably one of the biggest of all times.

My prayer?

Not that people will only unite to pay respects and to share grief at the passing of Nelson Mandela. Yes, that is important and necessary. The country, the world, owes the Mandela family every kind word directed at Madiba’s legacy today. Choirs will sing, eulogies will praise and cameras will focus on tears and bent heads, slumped shoulders.


May this day mean much, much more than that. If communist, capitalist, democrat and despot can gather to voice a common emotion:…

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