The last two weeks was very up side down here in Wellington and surrounding areas

There was this wind and rain. Now heavy then a bit less. The weather played havoc in and around Wellington.

Last night the sky was clear and a full moon shining.





The water outside on the grass was already frozen  9:30 pm when I let Trompie out.

This morning it was really cold and icy outside!

14 comments on “Frost

  1. Oh my goodness dear Trompie! It seems so strange to me that its the heat of summer here and the frigidness of winter there. Sending thoughts of warmth and happiness to you and your family!

    • He has a warm coat but does not really like to wear it. He loves to sleep under it. After his walks I dry his feet and also his body when he is wet with a towel and hair dryer

      • If he is anything like my Tiffany, she does not like the hair dryer! But does like a good towel down! (Must have been tired last night when I wrote that comment – noticed the typos today!!)

      • No worries! Trompie loves the hair dryer. After I have dried him when coming in the door he runs to the bedroom stands in front of my mirror where my dryer is and waits for his hair to be dried! He even comes when I dry my own hair, he will look up at me as if to say”When is it my turn?”

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