Wild weekly photo challenge – Clouds


This week we’re challenging you to point your lenses toward the clouds, because this week’s theme is clouds! Puffy and white or menacing and grey – clouds can take on many shapes, clinging to the ground as fog or towering miles into the sky. When billions of tiny molecules of water or ice crystal come together, they form a cloud. Most of the time we see them as white, since they reflect the light of the sun. When the cloud gets thick enough or high enough, it can appear grey, blocking most of the sun’s light from getting through.

This week, head outside and see if you can find some interesting clouds to take pictures of! The shots don’t have to be only of the clouds, but they should be one of the key elements in your scene!

Sunrise in New Zealand








Sunset and low clouds

New Zealand





Sunset from my back door N Z





South African Clouds




Clouds over Victoria Falls, 



Picture 039


18 comments on “Wild weekly photo challenge – Clouds

    • Thanks! The Vic Falls is special to me. I was the only one who really got up early to take photo from the roof of the hotel. There was a lonely elephant grazing between the trees also

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