Wings over Wairarapa Part 2: The full picture

Saturday 19 January 2013 was a wonderful day.


It started of a bit cloudy but became so hot and clear we couldn’t have wished for better.

The trip to Masterton started at 8 o’clock.

We parked the car at just after 9 am, in the 5th row of parked cars near the entrance gates.

It was about a 30 minutes walk to the airstrip.

What a sight!

Planes everywhere and so colorful.

The flying program was awesome.

C-130 Hercules coming in for the landing


Some planes on the ground

Next are some photos of the air show



Story challenge: Letter “G” – gong


Story challenge: letter G from FRIZZTEXT .


The letter “G” took me to the word GONG.

My father grew up in Indonesia. He and my grandparents lived quite a long time there. They went back to the Netherlands  just before World War II. My father never talked about his childhood or his life before and after the war. I was born a year after the ending of the war.

Moving to South Africa must have been very hard on the family. My parents had only two trunks with all their possessions in it. One of the things they took with them was a GONG which had been in my father’s family for a long time. After my father’s death my mother kept it and after her death I could pick some of the precious belongings.  One is this GONG. We used it specially when we had visitors for dinner to call them to the table.