Community garden: New fresh veggies

Today is again a hot sweltering day outside.

We are not used to get so hot.

It is the time of the year that brings heat waves and no rain.

This morning I went to the Community garden again

I picked some lovely fresh



Look at he fresh radishes!


Fresh onions!DSCF1046

Ha ha and again some different looking carrots!



Community garden today and 4 weeks ago

Wow, I have to say everything grows in this warm weather. We had some real hot days in the beginning of the week. Since yesterday it is cloudy and we had rain off and on.

I went to the community vegetable garden today for my hours weeding. I remembered to take my camera with me to take photos and compare it with the ones I have taken on the 23 November 2012( 4 weeks back)

The two beds at the back on the 23 November 2012

No potatoes, No other plants.


Today 28 December 2012.

Look at the potatoes on the right and tomatoes on the left

in the beds at the back.

Front beds are also ready for planting.


The next photo was also taken on the 23 November 2012.


Today 28 December 2012 and everything is growing like mad.


Community garden:reap the fruit of your work

Today we had a wonderful hour of work at our Time Bank Veggy Garden again. Everything is growing.

Carrots, beetroot , onions, pumpkins, peas, beans, corn,  you name it  grows! I also planted some beans last week (only4 I must say) They are also growing

We dug out some  fresh potatoes and divided it between 6 of us who were working today.

There were also some grapefruit and some rhubarb  from the gardens of other Time Bankers.







The following is how I plant my beans.


Toilet roll inner

Potting soil





Last week there were 4 beans coming out and I planted them in the Veggy garden

Some more are starting show there faces. Next Friday I am going to plant them also!


Shows you what can be done with what you got at hand.

Inspire me Monday : Time Bank Veggy garden

Inspire Me Monday – Week 48

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I joined the Time Bank in Upper Hutt

Every Friday between 10 to 11 we go to our community vegetable garden.

We plant and sow and weed like mad.

My first share of the garden


This is how the garden looks like.


This is the raised bed in the middle.

We have planted, chives, carrots and last week some lettuce also


This bed is on the left and needs a lot of weeding and some top soil

before we can plant our veggies.


On the right hand side is the first bed – not raised.

There we have broad beans, spinach, peas and some potatoes.

The raised bed on the right is full of potatoes.

The raised bed on the left has, peppers, tomatoes, radishes, pumpkins.

The front beds are in the making.