Touch: Ese’s Weekly Shoot&Quote Challenge


the sky!

When the cold wind are calling And the sky is clear and bright, Misty mountains sing and beckon, Lead me out into the light… I will ride, I will fly, Chase the wind and touch the sky, I will fly, Chase the wind and touch the sky…

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Tui’s in Flax plants

Pukaha Mt Bruce Nat Wildlife Centre

Tui came to visit me just now

While I was sitting on my deck which is at the back of my unit a Tui came to visit me!

I took  some photos of the flax flowers and sat down to go on with my quilt work.


I am so glad my camera was still next to me.

I could just pick it up and take the photos.

This made my day again.

The tui (Prosthemadera novaeseelandiae) is an endemic passerine bird of New Zealand. It is one of the largest members of the diversehoneyeater family.

The name tui is from the Maori language name tūī and is the species’ formal common name. The plural is tuis, or tui following Māori usage. The English name, Parson Bird, has fallen into disuse but came about because at first glance the bird appears completely black except for a small tuft of white feathers at its neck and a small white wing patch, causing it to resemble a parson in clerical attire.

On closer inspection it can be seen—and from the photo—that tui have faded browner patches on the back and flanks, a multicolourediridescent sheen that varies with the angle from which the light strikes them, and a dusting of small, white-shafted feathers on the back and sides of the neck that produce a lacy collar.

Early morning walks

Early morning walk starts just after 7am every morning. The sun has not risen by that time and it is quite chilly  early in the morning.

Here is my best mate Trompie with whom I walk at least 3 times a day. He tells me most of the time when we have to start our walks. You can set your watch to his timing.

While on my walks I see the following interesting things, this is early mornings.

Two Kereru or New Zealand Pigeons will pass in flight to the tall trees up the hill.They live mostly in native forests

but in winter will sometimes feed in gardens. They are endemic to N Z. Also known as wood pigeons.

Then there is also the Tui. They sit up in the trees and sing their own familiar song each morning. As if they are having a conversation with passers by.They are endemic to N Z. They are the first bird to sing in the mornings and last ones at night.

Black birds and starlings are also very busy early mornings.

Then the next we meet on the way is a big friend of Trompie. They meet each other every morning with “hello’s and how are you’s”. This is best cat friend Buddy!

Very interesting these early morning walks.

During evening walks (just before bedtime) we also encounter interesting things here. There is a hedgehog roaming about that late at night and Trompie always must have a look at it. Then at night I hear the Morepork/Ruru hooting. This is a native bird of N Z. Its hoot sounds like” more pork, more pork”

That is it for now. A little bit of my life in New Zealand.