Chilli Pepper Lodge and Kruger National Park

During 2007 I entered a competition by texting the answer to the radio station. I won this wonderful prize. 4 Nights at Chilli Pepper Lodge all meals included. Night trip to the Kruger National Park and a hang glider trip over the Lowveld. Hang glder trip did not go through because it was raining the day we booked. We did not mind, we went for a pedicure in stead.

Green door at the left was our room.

Front door to reception at Chilli Pepper Lodge.

Swimming pool. When you turn around from the entrance you can see the swimming pool.

View from our front veranda – real Lowveld!

Chilli Peppers of the Chilli Pepper Lodge! They are in the reception area.


Night ride in the Kruger National Park.

It really was something special. We saw a lot of animals, rhinos, lions, antelope

And the best was hyenas chasing a leopard up a tree. This was a real breath taking experience(no photos because my camera is very plain!!!!)

At the starting point in the Game Reserve.

Me after visiting the office where we booked the trip.

Pilot our guide. He was a real good guide, knew where to look and when.

Here is just a last picture! The place where we had the pedicure was an old , big mansion. These flowers were from the florist waiting to be taken inside.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

Photo Taken THROUGH the fence of a cheeta at Lente Roode’s  Cheeta Rehabilitation Center , Hoedspruit South Africa.

Cheeta Through the fence

Cheeta through the fence

Gate where you go through when entering the center

Going THROUGH the gate to enter the center