Story Challenge letter B: Bear

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My letter B stands for BEAR

Let us take a trip to the Wellington Zoo!

The Malayan Sun bear.

Sun Bears get their name from the yellow-ish mark many have on their chests – that looks like the rising sun.

The last two photos give you a glimpse of  the “rising sun” on its chest.

(Photos taken by Scrapydo’s son 2009)

Sun bears are the smallest of the eight bear species.

They are also known as “honey bears”. Their Malayan name, basindo nan tenggil, means “he who likes to sit high”. Local people refer to it as the “dog bear” due to its small size.

  • Wellington Zoo is the only Zoo in New Zealand that has sun bears, and was the first Zoo in Australasia to successfully breed sun bears in captivity.
  • The Malayan sun bears you’ll see at Wellington Zoo are Sean and his daughter Sasa.
  • Sean was rescued from outside a restaurant in Cambodia by Free the Bears.