It’s write easy


September 21, 2012

Starting points:

  1. Not for the first time
  2. If only I …
  3. I never forgot
  4. Missed chance
  5. It was an absolute disaster

It was (could have been) an absolute disaster


It could have ended in an absolute disaster if I had not kept myself together!

Many years back I had to look for a new place to buy. Every afternoon I went out with the estate agent to different places. It went on for days on end.

One day the agent told me she wanted to show me another place. She had to call the owner to make an appointment to go inside.

We went to the place. We entered the gate and knocked on the door. No response. The owners were supposed to be there. We walked around to the one side of the house. We could not go to the back because it was fenced in with wooden panels.

The agent said we must go the other way around to the back. We turned around and started to pass the front door and there it was! A huge black Rottweiler  was standing on the veranda watching us, making no sound or  no move. We kept on walking but to my surprise another Rottweiler was coming around the corner of the house. Wew, that’s really bad I thought.

Both the dogs started stalking us, growling and hackles up. The agent charged out the gate. I knew that if I also started running they would both attack me. I kept my ground. One step backwards for me and two steps forward for them. When I stopped moving they stopped coming. In the meantime the agent kept on calling:”Ineke, get out of there! Hurry up!”  I did not listen to her I just kept on keeping the dogs at bay. Every small step made them move closer. Every time I stopped I talked to them and told them to go away just to calm them down.

At last I reached the gate and jumped out backwards, still keeping my eye on both dogs.

It could really have been an absolute disaster if I had not kept my calm and wits together. Many times we hear or read about dog attacks this day wasn’t my day for a dog fight or attack.

Quick writing for about 10 minutes

Use one of the following words:

tour, tunnel, hope, school milk, baking


During my lifetime I have toured quite a bit. I started teaching in 1968 and the end of that year I went on a 3 week bus tour from Pretoria to Cape Town. It was very exciting because it was the first time on my own. We always went to the Lowveld for holidays once a year as a family. I had the opportunity to go on school tours once a year for 4 years.

The next big tour was in 1971-72 to South America. My sister and I went on this organised 21 days tour.

Then in 1974 I went on a tour to Europe. I visited my family in the Netherlands while the other tour member visited Amsterdam. In 1976 I toured  South West Africa– Namibie today.

I got married in 1980 and my touring days were over.

2006 I came over to New Zealand to have a look how things were going here.

I also toured twice to Zimbabwe. First in 2005 and the second time in 2010.