It’s write easy

It’s been two weeks now since I have done some It’s write easy. I did the writing but did not have time to put it on my post. I’ll catch up this week again. I have sorted some of my writing and had to put it in a book. The editing and printing took some time to complete. It is done now I can go on with my weekly writing again.

I am going to jump a few writings and do the quick writing we had to do yesterday.

This is a tribute to a wonderful teacher I had.

November 09, 2012

10 minutes quick writing:  Tell something about a person that meant a lot to you or who made an impression on you ( teacher, parent or grandparent, friend)



My first two years in high school I had some  very interesting teachers. The best one I remember was my German teacher.

He was this handsome young man and all the girls loved him! He was really special because he had this deep bass voice. Every Friday he would sing to us. He was very shy. He never wanted to stand in front of the class to do his singing. He would go to the back of the classroom and we were not supposed to look back. The best  song to all of us was “Old man river”. We enjoyed going to his class.

At the end of the second year (std 7) he got a post as lecturer at Pretoria university. We all cried when they said good bye to him.

Rudi Neitz also wrote a small piece in my autograph book in 1961.

One day he told us that he was going to sing on the radio. We all listened that evening. His first song was” Annatjie Voortrekkernooientjie”

He also had the opportunity to sing at the inauguration of our first State President Blackie Swart. This was in 1961 when South Africa became a Republic. Afterwards he told us how it was to sing in front of all these people on Kerkplein (Church square) I can still remember that it was a very unpleasant and rainy day. We did not have TV so we could not follow the whole ceremony. Everything was only in the newspaper and magazines.

Before coming to New Zealand I tried to get hold of one of his cd’s, with no success.  In 2010 I found a double cd and brought it back with me.

( He passed away in 2002)

Here is the page from my autograph book.



RUDI NEITZ, bass, born 28 December 1934, died 6 February 2002
During the last 50 years of his life, Rudi Neitz became a household name in South Africa and considered as a national treasure.
After completing his school years in Brits (near Pretoria), he obtained the THOD degree and a Teacher’s Diploma at the Teachers’ College of Pretoria.  He subsequently obtained B.A. and  M.A. (German) degrees at the University of Pretoria, where he was later appointed as a lecturer and acting Head of the German Department.  He was honoured with the Dux Docens Award and a Pro Munere Medallion for his outstanding educational services at the University of Pretoria.
During his youth and student years he already proved himself as an outstanding singer.  Apart from his great love for the German Lied, he appeared in countless productions of opera and operetta  –  amongst others in the leading bass roles in Die ZauberflöteLe Nozze di FigaroDon GiovanniAidaNabuccoLa BohemeNormaAmahl and the Night VisitorsLucia di Lammermoor, and Peter Grimes.  He appeared with conductors such as Alun Francis, Nicola Samala and Franco Ferraris.  He was invited to perform at the Vienna State Opera, but he declined the offer.  Rudi also performed regularly in oratorios such as teh St Matthew PassionMessiahDie Schöpfung, Verdi’s Requiem and Mozart’s Coronation Mass.
Rudi was married to Bakkies Barnard, with whom he had two sons  –  Erdi and Werner.


Travel theme: BRIGHT


Ailsa gives us a theme every week.  You may as well have a look at her post

She writes:

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Show me your brilliant brights.




This single daisy in a glass with water brightened up the

reception counter.

It made you feel very welcome.

(Naboomspruit, South Africa 2010)

It’s write easy

This was again hard to decide about what I could write

Starting points:

  1. Mother/father/other always said…
  2. I searched everywhere
  3. I won …
  4. “Don’t ever do/say that”…
  5. Do you want the good news or the bad news?


I won them over at the end!

Today when I sit down and think back of times I have won animals over, I can say I have done so a few times that I can remember.

The first time that comes in my mind I won an animal over was way back in 1970. My parents had a milk goat  stud. The name of the stud was Hil-sum, after Hilversum from where we were born. My parents wanted me to also start my own stud and own line of goats. My stud name was Candida, meaning white and the goats were Saanens and they are all white.

We ordered or booked two ewes from a well known goat farmer near Britstown in the Cape(South Africa) My father and I drove to the farm to pick them up and also to meet some of the goat farmers. We lived near Pretoria . Britstown is about a thousand km from Pretoria.

The two ewes were still very young and wild. They had not been handled by the farmer or anybody else. Just before we had to load them we went into the shed where they had been for the night. They were very wild . They kept running away. I slowly went nearer and nearer to them and talked to them. I totally calmed them down and won them over. We could pick them up and put them in the pick up without any hazzles.

The farmer said that he had never seen someone calming down wild animals like I did.

It is the same when I approach  an unknown dog or other animal . I have a calming effect  on them. I have the patience to win them over and calm them down so it is easy to handle them.

Then I have another short story to tell about my late husband winning over my puppy.

When I started dating my husband I had this puppy called Dixie. She was only used to me and did not really wanted to take notice of my “boyfriend”. I think she was just protecting me. When my husband asked me to marry him I said yes on one condition. Three quarters of me says yes and as soon as he has won Dixie’s quarter over we could get married! That’s how it happened at the end!.

This is me with twin lambs. (1969)

10 minute quick writing:

Words: local event, lost, shopping, arrival, scarcity


I  was about four years old when I really got lost. I remember it clearly because I wasn’t supposed to walk after my grandfather.

All I remember is that my grandfather walked out the door going back home. I went after him without him knowing it. I could see him walking down the street and then he was gone( he turned the corner) I just kept on walking straight on. Later on I walked down a lane with high trees.(Remember I am only 4 years, I don’t think the trees were that high!) Someone came across from the other side, took my hand and took me to the nearest police station. I can remember that I was sitting on the counter enjoying myself while waiting for someone to pick me up. My mother came to pick me up on her bicycle.

Later on my mother told me that my grandfather was supposed to have taken me to his place and he did not remember it. He just went off leaving me outside on my own. I remember that my parents were very upset about the situation my grandfather put me in. They were also very glad to find me unhurt and save.

It’s write easy


September 21, 2012

Starting points:

  1. Not for the first time
  2. If only I …
  3. I never forgot
  4. Missed chance
  5. It was an absolute disaster

It was (could have been) an absolute disaster


It could have ended in an absolute disaster if I had not kept myself together!

Many years back I had to look for a new place to buy. Every afternoon I went out with the estate agent to different places. It went on for days on end.

One day the agent told me she wanted to show me another place. She had to call the owner to make an appointment to go inside.

We went to the place. We entered the gate and knocked on the door. No response. The owners were supposed to be there. We walked around to the one side of the house. We could not go to the back because it was fenced in with wooden panels.

The agent said we must go the other way around to the back. We turned around and started to pass the front door and there it was! A huge black Rottweiler  was standing on the veranda watching us, making no sound or  no move. We kept on walking but to my surprise another Rottweiler was coming around the corner of the house. Wew, that’s really bad I thought.

Both the dogs started stalking us, growling and hackles up. The agent charged out the gate. I knew that if I also started running they would both attack me. I kept my ground. One step backwards for me and two steps forward for them. When I stopped moving they stopped coming. In the meantime the agent kept on calling:”Ineke, get out of there! Hurry up!”  I did not listen to her I just kept on keeping the dogs at bay. Every small step made them move closer. Every time I stopped I talked to them and told them to go away just to calm them down.

At last I reached the gate and jumped out backwards, still keeping my eye on both dogs.

It could really have been an absolute disaster if I had not kept my calm and wits together. Many times we hear or read about dog attacks this day wasn’t my day for a dog fight or attack.

Quick writing for about 10 minutes

Use one of the following words:

tour, tunnel, hope, school milk, baking


During my lifetime I have toured quite a bit. I started teaching in 1968 and the end of that year I went on a 3 week bus tour from Pretoria to Cape Town. It was very exciting because it was the first time on my own. We always went to the Lowveld for holidays once a year as a family. I had the opportunity to go on school tours once a year for 4 years.

The next big tour was in 1971-72 to South America. My sister and I went on this organised 21 days tour.

Then in 1974 I went on a tour to Europe. I visited my family in the Netherlands while the other tour member visited Amsterdam. In 1976 I toured  South West Africa– Namibie today.

I got married in 1980 and my touring days were over.

2006 I came over to New Zealand to have a look how things were going here.

I also toured twice to Zimbabwe. First in 2005 and the second time in 2010.


Weekly Photo Challenge: NEAR and FAR


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(Photo taken in Lowveld, Mpumalanga, South Africa.)

I took this photo from our room at Chili Pepper Lodge.

Dense growth in the front then some newly planted  Banana trees.

Further on are some subtropical fruit trees

In the background  some mountains with some early morning mist on them.

Taking the N1 to the north in Limpopo , South Africa.

Traffic near and far.


It’s write easy

It’s Write Easy

September  7, 2012

Starting points to use

  1. There was only one chance
  2. It rained/snowed all day
  3. I never wanted
  4. I loved…
  5. I hated…

It snowed all day

Last year Monday August 15, 2011 it snowed the whole day on and off in Upper Hutt.  This sounds ridiculous but it is true. It is not supposed to snow near sea level . That is what some people told me. Well it happened last year. It was the heaviest snow in 40 years in Upper Hutt.

To me, as a South African who had never really seen snow it  was an adventure.

It  started snowing late afternoon . I saw that the sky was dark but did not think it was snowing. Opening my backdoor it was as if I were in a fairy tale. Everything was covered in snow. The next day it snowed all day( this was the Monday). My son and his partner visited my after work and we enjoyed playing in the snow.

Another snowy incident  was September 09, 1981. This was in South Africa. My son was only one month old. It was cold and we had snow on the Highveld. At that time I lived  in a parkhome in Secunda in the old Transvaal. I put on my boots and had a nice walk around in the snow. This is very special because it does not snow in South Africa. Only on the high mountain tops . This year beginning August 2012 it snowed again in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

This is really unbelievable. We don’t know what the weather can bring.

Scrapbook pages of the snow  September 09, 1981.

Secunda South Africa.

Next two photos

Snow Upper Hutt  August 15, 2011

Down the drive way.

Trompie on the deck at the back.


Quick writing: 10 minutes.

Words to use: cold, support, dining, insufficient, walk


Every morning I take my favorite friend and dog- buddy for a walk. Wintertime it’s between 7:45 to 8:15am. Summertime I’ll walk earlier. It is very relaxing and fresh when I take my first morning walk. Come rain, come snow I ‘ll go. It is now going to be my third year that I take these early morning walks.

Then between 9:30 to 10:00pm I take Trompie(that’s my buddy) for his longer walk up the hill, around the grove and back again. I also take him for his walk at about 4:00 pm. This is our afternoon walk. We go down the road, up some steps to the other side of the hill , around to the main street and then back up my road again. Takes about 30 minutes walk.

At first, while Trompie was still young ,I took him by car to the duck pond for his walk. Sorry to say,this wasn’t good enough for me because I did not do much walking.

The walking is not only for Trompie it is also to keep me fit and going!

Latest photo of Trompie.

Story challenge: Letter “G” – gong


Story challenge: letter G from FRIZZTEXT .


The letter “G” took me to the word GONG.

My father grew up in Indonesia. He and my grandparents lived quite a long time there. They went back to the Netherlands  just before World War II. My father never talked about his childhood or his life before and after the war. I was born a year after the ending of the war.

Moving to South Africa must have been very hard on the family. My parents had only two trunks with all their possessions in it. One of the things they took with them was a GONG which had been in my father’s family for a long time. After my father’s death my mother kept it and after her death I could pick some of the precious belongings.  One is this GONG. We used it specially when we had visitors for dinner to call them to the table.




Story Challenge: letter F



combining the Flickr photo-pool idea with the blogger idea of writing a daily post

Story Challenge: Letter “F”

by frizztext

Hi Bloggers! Do you have to share a story or a short reflection tagged with the letter “F”? For example I’ve written about FEAR (watch below) and FIRE, FISHES and FUNERALS, FRIEND or FOE, FORTRESS or FRAGILE, FLAT IRONS or FRANCE, F-86 Air Force FIGHTER or FIAT 500, FACE or FEET, FUN or FOOTBALL, FASHION or FARMING, FOAM or FLAMENCO, FATHER or FROG, FREE-BIRD or FRUSTRATION, FLAG or FIELD etc. – I’m sure you’ll find an own story or a short reflection tagged with “F”! Feel free to add in the comments the link to your personal interpretation of the letter “F”!!!

Letter  F


While in South Africa I enjoyed getting up early every morning.

There were lots of bird noises or singing that early.

The ones I miss the most is the call of the




(Photos taken by my sister a well-known photographer  2005)

Turkse tortelduif

Tortelduiven zijn het symbool van de liefde. En terecht, want als je een koppeltje tortelduifjes naast elkaar ziet zitten op een boomtak is ‘liefde’ het eerste wat er in je naar boven komt. Het is bijna aandoenlijk om te zien hoe de twee verliefde vogels elkaar kusjes zitten te geven op de kopjes en nek. De Turkse tortel is een bekende en veelvoorkomende soort van de tortelduiven. Een vogel die je vaak hoort en ziet rondom je huis, maar waar je waarschijnlijk weinig van afweet.

Turkse tortelduif


Sunday Stills: SUMMERTIME

Summer is a wonderful time of the year. Holidays, sunshine, warm to extra hot at times. Maybe some rain.

The following photos were taken in South Africa. These trees are always full in bloom the first part of summer.

This photo was taken from the back door of my town house in Potgietersrus.(Mokopane)

The following are from the tree in front of my town house.

Delonix regia is a species of flowering plant in the family Fabaceae, subfamily Caesalpinioideae. It is noted for its fern-like leaves and flamboyant display of flowers. In many tropical parts of the world it is grown as an ornamental tree and in English it is given the nameRoyal Poinciana or Flamboyant. It is also one of several trees known as Flame tree.

The following also reminds me of summer in South Africa.

Day lily


Clivia (play /ˈklviə/)[1] is a genus of monocot flowering plants native to southern Africa. They are from the family Amaryllidaceae, subfamily Amaryllidoideae.[2] Common names include Kaffir lily and bush lily.

Camel Foot tree flowers

Bauhinia purpurea is a species of flowering plant in the family Fabaceae, native to SouthChina (which includes Hong Kong) and Southeast Asia. Common names include Hong Kong Orchid Tree, Purple camel’s foot, and Hawaiian orchid tree.

Sunday Stills, The Next Challenge – Summertime

In my day we went back to school in September.  Now it seems everyone is headed back by mid August, or even this upcoming week!  So while I sure won’t be sorry to see this brutal hot summer weather catch the bus out of town, I do feel for all the kids getting ready to catch the yellow bus while wishing for a few more weeks of summer vacation ;-) .

What says summer to you?  Sweet corn, tomatoes and watermelon?  Lazy days at the pool?  Camping at the lake?  Let’s take some summertime pictures so we’ll have something to look back at when we’re you are complaining about the cold ;-) .