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December 6,2013

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I had an interesting day yesterday, Thursday, Dec 5. A traveler, who I had never met before, came to visit me. I am keen on blogging and one of my blog friends from  Australia is visiting her family in New Zealand. We arranged to meet yesterday. She traveled with her cousin from Lower Hutt to Upper Hutt. They picked me up and we went to the Stone Stead Tea Garden for a lovely cup of Devonshire tea and home-baked scone.

My blog friend and her daughter first came to my place to meet Trompie because they also have a Schnauzer at home. After the meeting we first drove to Birchville and then to the tea garden because the owner knows a lot about Upper Hutt and also Birchvile.

While we were chatting away, my friend’s daughter took lots of photos of all the flowers in the garden. We decided to have tea and a scone after a while. While drinking and eating we kept on talking about all our interesting adventures, dogs, photography, crafts and also family issues.

We could not stop talking. It was as if we had known each other for ever. After a lovely outing, we said our good byes. I think I really met a wonderful lady who is worth knowing. I gave her one of our 2013 printed story books with a collection of best stories we have written this year, because I know she would love to read the them.

Thank you special friend for giving me the opportunity to meet you, it is a real honour!



Canterbury  Bells

Aren’t they beautiful.

I took these photos in the tea garden





Weekly Photo Challenge: Two subjects

Photo courtesy of Sara Rosso

Two Subjects. This “theme” is more of a composition challenge. In the picture above, there are actually two subjects – one in the foreground (the cup), and one in the background (the dog) – both are essential parts of the picture and they each contribute something differently to the photo.

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This is my two subjects in one photo:  TABLE WITH VASE AND MEGAN PEEPING OVER THE TABLE

This is one of my favourite photos of Megan .

Megan was a shy and “don’t hurt me” dog. Her owner abandoned her. He also really did not like her and she always had to hide away when he arrived home. One day her owner told me that he wanted to give her away. I said if you don’t get someone to give her to I would take her. That’s how it happened that Megan came to live with Nancy(my Schnauzer) and me. Megan was already 4 years old. It was very hard for her to trust me and anyone else.

I really had a hard time to let her feel at  home and to trust me. She was always running away and hiding. When you get closer to her she would creep down and cringe away from  you. Also, when my son came to visit during holidays,as soon as he started talking and Megan heard a male voice she will hide away as far as she can.(My son sometimes liked to tease her by talking to her in an angry voice! I hated it because that just put her back in her old ways)

She is no more! She passed away on my birthday in 2007. She just blew out her last breath and was gone(Think she had heart failure). I know she is happy in dog heaven!