Trompie and Molly having a friendship ball : Friendship Friday

Friendship Friday

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Yesterday was the third time Trompie had the opportunity to visit his little niece, Molly.

They had a ball playing with a white fluffy toy.

Pulling, running, shaking and debating

who is going to run away with it!

It’s Write Easy (2)

Last week Friday we were given five words from which we had to take one and write about it.(This is our homework for the following meeting)

The words were:  advice, breeze, grandparents, fire, scare. 

I used  ADVICE

Meaning of advice is – opinion given as to further action .

Giving advice is easy but taking advice is very hard. Some people love to give advice.

I have a friend who is always handing out advice. Every thing I do or suggest , she will give my advice on. Problem is, she never listens to or takes my advice. She always turns it around as if it was her who gave the advice.

When giving advice you must take care how you give it. Sometimes advice can make the situation worse.

One can listen to older people who have more experience in life. They know what they are talking about.

No advice is better than bad advice!

Today 23 March 2012 we had to describe a person

This is what I wrote:


Her name is Betty. I think she could be in her early eighties. She is a short but slender lady. She has grey hair and green eyes that you can see can’t see that well anymore. Betty has a smiling friendly face, always ready to talk to everyone who passes by.

Early mornings she goes out to pick up the newspaper and takes it inside to her husband – who is waiting inside. When I see her in the mornings she has this jump in her step. Hopping to me, greeting me and asking how I am. Then she starts telling about her plans for the day. She always waves at me when I am further down the road.

I feel that she is a very caring and lovely lady. I don’t know her very well but look forward to saying “hello” to her every morning.

Our homework words are:  newspaper, girls, zoo, first day …, birthday