Protea : Festival of Flowers



Proteas attracted the attention of botanists visiting the Cape of Good Hope in the 17th century. Many species were introduced to Europe in the 18th century, enjoying a unique popularity at the time amongst botanists.

PINK ICE – Protea

Taken in my friends garden last Wednesday!

A – Z Archive: P! Tuesday’s Photo Challenge

The letter P gives me

Paua Shell

Shell halfway polished and cleaned

Pāua is the Māori name given to three species of large edible sea snailsmarine gastropod molluscs which belong to the family Haliotidae(there is only genus Haliotis), known in the United States and Australia as abalone, and in the United Kingdom as ormer shells.

Next P is for  Peacock

The 3rd P I think of is PROTEA

I could not believe that I would find a Protea so close to my home. I had to take a photo of it.

Protea (play /ˈprtə/)[1] is both the botanical name and the English common name of a genus of South African flowering plants, sometimes also called sugarbushes (Afrikaans: suikerbos).

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