Trompie and the black cat! : Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

Yesterday was the day the black cat stalked Trompie again.

She was behind the fence and

just when we passed she stuck her head through the opening

right into Trompie’s face!

They sniffed and we went on walking.

She kept on running after us and every time

Trompie turned around she let Trompie get near her.

It was so cute.

Animals know how to react to each other.

This cat wants to be friends but it also wants to be the leader.



This kitty had some hard times growing up.

It was rescued by the owner.

Only one eye and the ears are half way gone.


Trompie : Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

Mornings are way to early for Trompie to wake up.

I get out of bed at about seven.

Put on the computer  and

take my walk to the bathroom

come back and

open the curtains!

Trompie still keeps on sleeping.

Keeping one eye on  me.

When I start dressing he will do the following

Half way




Still not ready


Why bother