Writing 101: day eight : Death to adverbs

Thursday morning I went to our Mall

sat down and did a lot of writing

because day eight was:

Go to a local café, park, or public place and report on what you see. Get detailed: leave no nuance behind.


12 o’clock, lunch time for many. I am sitting on a wooden bench against a wall in our Mall in Upper Hutt.

On my left there is one of those  glass boxes in which you put $2 and  use an electric arm with claws  to pick up one of the objects in the box. It is a red one and there are big toy bears, dogs and colorful birds to pick. To my right are 3 more of these show cases. On the side of the one nearest to me are the following words  “Win every time”. In it are sweets and balls to win. It is a yellow one..In the middle is a pink colored one where you can play some games paying $2 for a game. They call this one”prize cascade”. The third one is blue and  has some chocolates in it to pick with the electric arm.They call it “Kiwikrane”.On each one is the company name: Prize out.

Also on my right hand side is our  Paper plus shop. The sign above the door is in blue with Paper Plus, Kiwi on green Bank on red and last Post shop on red.All the writing is in white on the different colored backgrounds. Before entering  the door there are tables with novels  for sale. $20 each. On the right hand side of the door is a display window with flags of different countries. Also some books and objects,  telling about the Soccer World cup starting tomorrow.On the left hand side of the door is a sign :

Lotto… Play here.

Opposite me, is Farmers, a big chain shop. Big signs say red dot sale with also some 50% off the price items.The wall above the shops windows and doors are a light green. There are glass panels in the ceiling to let in some natural light.

Ladies are walking past me some with shopping bags, some without. Some are in a hurry some just sauntering around. Young mothers with push- prams. Mothers holding toddlers hands. One toddler plays with the lid of a pink rubbish bin. The mother takes her hand and walks away. The pink bin belongs to a small kiosk that sells ice cream. It is painted in pink and is called Wendy’s . Everybody is dressed warmly in jackets,coats, hats and warm woolies. A toddler wears a blue hat with small bear like ears, very cute! It is nice and warm in the Mall.

Also straight in front of me is an open coffee shop next to an escalator. There is also a ramp for people riding their mobility scooters. Also useful for trolleys to go down to the ground floor. Right in front of me is also an ATM with  people using  it to get hold of cash.Then to my left is the Ware House which I can’t  see because the Wendy kiosk is in the way.

The floor has got white shiny tiles. A cleaner with a broom is keeping the floor clean.An elderly gentleman joined me on the bench. He is reading his phone and resting a while.



Thoughtful writers create meaning by choosing precise words to create vivid pictures in the reader’s mind. As you strive to create strong imagery


Weekly Photo Challenge: Arrange

We as human beings love to arrange everything as it suits us. Each one has his or her own way  or taste when it comes to arranging anything!

Here is an example of arrange. ( First cut the material in pieces, arrange them and then work them together again!)


First squares and then all together in a Quilt