Gladiolus : Cee’s Black and White Challenge

Still on the flower topic

I sent this photo to my photography tutor and he thought it was a very good composition in B&W.


Swart en Wit  – Interessant en kreatief opgestel met netjies fokus en beligting. Al die skakerings tussen swart en wit is skoon en helder en met goeie beligting word tekstuur en definisie duidelik weergee. Die amper diagonale plasing verhoog ook die trefkrag van die foto. Keurige werk.

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When Words Fail…

Thank you for a wonderful tribute!

Rolbos ©

Has there ever been a day like this?

Presidents, former presidents, prime ministers, heads of states, very, very important people from across the globe. Actors, actresses, princes, sports stars…name it, and they’re gathered under one proverbial roof. And alongside them, the poor, the common citizens, the beggars and the street vendors.

And the family.

And a global audience, most probably one of the biggest of all times.

My prayer?

Not that people will only unite to pay respects and to share grief at the passing of Nelson Mandela. Yes, that is important and necessary. The country, the world, owes the Mandela family every kind word directed at Madiba’s legacy today. Choirs will sing, eulogies will praise and cameras will focus on tears and bent heads, slumped shoulders.


May this day mean much, much more than that. If communist, capitalist, democrat and despot can gather to voice a common emotion:…

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Dutch Iris: Inspire me Monday

Inspire Me Monday


On my way home there is a garden with

two rows of Dutch Irises.

They look so beautiful I have to share them with everybody.







Dutch Iris Growing Guide

Florists’ Favourite

Dutch iris are popular with florists, and home gardeners, because they are dependably pretty and easy to use. Long, strong, straight stems couple with blooms that are an ideal size for medium bouquets. The clear, beautiful colours of iris fit into any arrangement.

Few pleasures compare to having an abundant supply of fresh flower for cutting and using around your home. Garden grown blooms are also easy gifts.

Do yourself a favor and make sure to have plenty of future cut flowers. Plant Dutch iris now.


African Lion Cub

A must read!



The first time I read the story below was on Steve Morvell’s FaceBookpage.  Steve asked all FB readers to share the story and with Steve’s permission it has been reproduced below.

Please take time to read. 


Steve Morvell

Thursday, September 12, 2013


‘A story with no ending – African lion cub’


Picture painted by S. Morvell


This story has no ending.

The tiny lion cub shown clinging precariously to its fallen log perch is real. He is around 10 weeks old. He lived in Northern Kruger national park.

It is a real story based on actual events but has no obvious conclusion. I needed to share it with you since that way at least it will have some meaning.

I had by chance happened upon this little guy one afternoon, crouching among dry grass in a feeble attempt to hide. He was alone and very upset…

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“If a little flower could speak…”

This is very true!


I frequently look for quotes to accompany my photographs. Tonight, while searching for quotes about flowers, I was stopped by the power in St. Therese of Lisieux’s words, which caused me to consider my own words and actions.

How often do we deny our God-given talents and gifts under the guise of humility? Why do we diminish or belittle ourselves? Is it because we hope that someone else will compliment us, build us up, and tell us that we are worthwhile?

When we do this, are we saying that God has not blessed us with skills and talents? Or worse, are we saying that we do not accept His gifts and that we do not wish to develop our talents? Or could it be that we simply feel that we are not good enough?

I think that I could learn a lesson from a little flower…and from all of God’s…

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