Last night the first snow of this winter fell on the hills near me.

This morning was very cold but clear.

I could see the snow-covered tops of the Rimutakas.

Tuesday I decided to go on a photo shoot.

I am interested in the pier in Petone.

I took some beautiful photos of it.

A bonus was granted to me in the form of a rainbow display!


Power lines. Sunday Stills


Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Power Lines


I had a wonderful outing this morning.

My goal was to photograph the Pier in Petone.

It was wet and then dry and wet again.

There was a beautiful rainbow which I photographed with the Pier.

That’s for a next post.

Coming back I had to wait for the train.

Ha, I thought




Uitdaging 39- Landskap (Landscape)

Elke more as ek met Trompie stap kyk ek af ,

of op na die landskap.

Dit is hoe dit lyk as ek die bult uitgeklim het(eintlik opgeloop het)

Halfpad uitgeklim en omgedraai om foto te neem


Bo gekom , draai regs dan sien mens die volgende bult


Bo van die bult af kyk mens oor huise en geboue se dakke na Upper Hutt(dorp) verder weg die rivier en dan die volgende Hills(heuwels)


n Paar Landskappe verlede jaar(2013) in Februarie tydens die droogte

Skape in kamp


Droee heuwellandskap


Tel die see ook as landskap? Indien nie

is daar steeds “landskap” soos in land op regterhand!

Kapiti kus


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Lovely parcel

One of our bread ranges gave people the opportunity to collect points

by sending in a code which you had to collect from each bread.

Each code gave you 10 points and you had to collect 80 points.

80 points gave a choice of lovely jams, peanut-butter and  sauces.

 The first one I collected was chutney

second one was honey

the third one was plum products.

I received my third parcel this morning.

It was so beautifully packed I have to share it with all of you.

At the races – my first time!

I took my student to the races today!

First time for her and for me.

Trentham  Race Course

Upper Hutt

Entrance was free today!


Old building


Although Trentham was 16 3/4 miles from Wellington, the travel time was considerably less than the Hutt Park site and had the added advantage of the adjacent railway line.

Work Started in 1922 on three stands, The Leger (demolished in the 1998), and the reinforced concrete cantilevered public and members stands which still dominate and provide excellent viewing today. In a rush to have the stands completed for the January 1924 cup week, the workers were “compensated” with chocolate and nylons to work extra hours over the Christmas and New Year period with the stands being opened on time!http://www.trentham.co.nz/page/history.aspx




Horses getting ready for the race

And there they come!

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Sunny house on the hill


Look at the beautiful clouds!


It was an awesome afternoon at the races!

Wellington day out again!

Yesterday was a good day to visit Wellington again but

I did not go!

There was a big passenger ship in the harbor  and I looked forward to take photos of it,


I did not go –

and today the ship wasn’t there anymore.

This morning I decided I’ll go in to Wellington and hope for the best.

The weather was really not of the best.

I took some photos and still enjoyed the trip.

The trip from Upper Hutt to Wellington by train takes 50 minutes.

I walked around the harbor for about an hour and a half

back by train took another 50 minutes.

I have been out for 3 hours and now I am relaxing and am going to show some photos.



Wellington, an awesome visit no3

The third part of the visit was

using the Cable Car up to the Botanical Gardens.

Going up in the Cable Car.


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We also saw the Bee Hive, a Bear shop and the Train Station.

We went back at about 2 0’clock.

Tired but very happy.

We really had a good time in Wellington.