Trompie enjoying himself: Michelle’s Pet Challenge

I showed Trompie tearing his new toy apart in B & W.

It looks much better with a bit of color!

Poor frog is begging Trompie:

Please, don’t hurt me!DSCF5786

I won’t hurt you!

You will feel nothing!


Here we go!!!!

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Oh dear, poor Luigi! Michelle’s Pet Challenge


The last Pet Challenge  Luigi was

dog tired.

Today poor Luigi has to be locked up in a cage

(going to be for six weeks!!!!!!)

because he has broken his one front leg last Sunday while out

chasing the ducks at the duck pond!

He was in hospital since Sunday afternoon till Wednesday.

His leg is broken at two places and they had to put in a plate to keep it straight.

He has also nearly torn off his dew -claw on his other front leg.

The vet has also taken off both dew -claws.

Thursday Luigi went to work with my son’s partner.

Early Friday morning

Phone call:

Mum, could you PLEASE look after Luigi today?

Little buddy stayed with me for the day.

He is such a sweet, good boy.

No complaints!

While Luigi had to be quiet in his cage

Molly and Trompie enjoyed themselves .


Dog tired: Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

Last Saturday was our Santa parade in

Main Street, Upper Hutt.

Luigi and Molly participated with their mum.

I did not attend the Parade but

I know it was very tiring  for the two dogs .

Here is Luigi after his busy afternoon!


I can still hear and see  you!


I’m dog tired!!


PETS : Sunday Stills





This is wonderful congratulations!

Theme is


guess who this is?

(3 years now!)



This is for sure my good friend and buddy!

I am using these two photos also for Michelle’s weekly pet challenge!

Entertainment by Trompie! Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

I am still doing my “It’s Write Easy” meetings in our library.

Today we were celebrating our new published book for 2013.

It has 3 short stories or anecdotes in it  from the writers who attended the sessions in 2013.

We still had to do some writing for today.

I wrote a few lines on  Trompie  and me playing hide and seek.


November 29, 2013

Words: imagination, animals, zoo, fun fair, queue

I do not need my imagination or animals in the zoo, to entertain myself. My dog, Trompie, can be so funny at times that I usually can’t stop laughing at him. He knows many tricks to make me smile.

Yesterday was no exception! Trompie never lets me out of his sight for long. He always comes around after a  while to see if I am still inside or wherever I am. He was busy outside doing some bird watching while I started to get ready to wash the dishes.

I suddenly got the bright idea of playing hide and seek.

I went into the bathroom, then into my bedroom and then into the second bedroom where I kneeled behind the bed. I knew that Trompie would come and look for my. After about 5 minutes I heard him quickly rushing in. My unit has wooden floor so he slides more around the corners than run.

He came in at the kitchen, through the lounge, into my bedroom and out into the bathroom. Back to the kitchen door and outside. Quiet for a few second – listening and he could not hear or see my. Then he came back.

I could hear trip- trip, trip – sniff- sniff faster and faster. Into my bedroom, then the bathroom again and back into the passage.  “Oops” he missed the second bedroom the first time. He charged in and around the bed. Put his face into my face on the floor saying: “What the heck do you think you are doing? Hiding from me?! Never! You can’t escape me!”  He was so excited when he found me.

I had a good laugh at him while he was telling me what he thought of me on the floor, by barking at me. “Stupid old woman hiding from me behind the bed!”

I love to play with him. He gives me lots of joy and laughter while we are together.


What are you doing behind the bed?


Stupid old woman!


Here is Trompie on top of the bed

looking at me on the floor!




Trompie and the black cat! : Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

Yesterday was the day the black cat stalked Trompie again.

She was behind the fence and

just when we passed she stuck her head through the opening

right into Trompie’s face!

They sniffed and we went on walking.

She kept on running after us and every time

Trompie turned around she let Trompie get near her.

It was so cute.

Animals know how to react to each other.

This cat wants to be friends but it also wants to be the leader.



This kitty had some hard times growing up.

It was rescued by the owner.

Only one eye and the ears are half way gone.


Trompie : Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

Mornings are way to early for Trompie to wake up.

I get out of bed at about seven.

Put on the computer  and

take my walk to the bathroom

come back and

open the curtains!

Trompie still keeps on sleeping.

Keeping one eye on  me.

When I start dressing he will do the following

Half way




Still not ready


Why bother




Cat next door : Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

My next door neighbor has a white cat.

One sunny morning my neighbor asked me to photograph the cat.

I had to climb onto a ladder to take photos



We went inside  and I took the following photos!

The kitty is deaf, that is why she looked shocked when

my neighbor touched  her up.



Here she is in her moms arms and happy again


Wednesday mornings are not wordless!Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge.

Every Wednesday morning between

10:30 -11:30 am

I visit the Mayfair Cafe to  catch up

with my Time Bank friends.

Every Wednesday morning I am greeted by the following scene!


These ladies are always outside having their cuppa.

Porsche is the German  Sheppard

She always has to inspect my shoes to read the latest news from Trompie!


I think she is awesome!