Central District Field Days : Fielding

13 – 15 MARCH 2014


What a wonderful time I had on Friday!

I had the opportunity to visit this awesome field day.

I watched the  STIHL TimberAces

They for sure knew what to do with an ax!

Then there was the

National Excavator Championships

Also very impressive!

Hugh machinery!







Some water works!




It was a very hot day and I was dog tired when I arrived  home after a two hours drive back!

Cicadas : Inspire me Monday

Inspire Me Monday

Inspire Me Monday – Week 111

Cicadas are busy in all their glory.

Making their shrill noises day and night!



They do not sit and wait for me to take a photo!

They keep on moving on and also fly away if you get to near them!

Story: Cicadas

Chorus cicada

The hot days and balmy nights of summer wouldn’t be the same without the chirruping of cicadas. It’s the males that make all that noise – they are often visible on lamp posts and tree trunks. But they have actually spent most of their lives in the dark, deep underground.

Full story by John Marris
Main image: Chorus cicada
 Go to http://www.teara.govt.nz/en/cicadas for the full description.

Murals or Graffiti : Sunday Stills

Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Murals or Graffiti



Mural in Upper Hutt

Showing the first buildings in town

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

More murals

Object: Weekly Photo Challenge



While doing my photography course I used a variety of


Here are some of them.


Bottle of colored sand from the Namib desert


Bottle of wine given to each grade 7 student in Primary School.


Our domestic help did this traditional beading.

She covered a glass milk bottle(think half a pint bottle)

She made one for each  of my sisters and me.


Wooden cruncher from Zimbabwe.


Just another lovely object.

Touch: Ese’s Weekly Shoot&Quote Challenge


the sky!

When the cold wind are calling And the sky is clear and bright, Misty mountains sing and beckon, Lead me out into the light… I will ride, I will fly, Chase the wind and touch the sky, I will fly, Chase the wind and touch the sky…

Read more: Disney Songs & Story – Touch The Sky Lyrics | MetroLyrics




Tui’s in Flax plants

Pukaha Mt Bruce Nat Wildlife Centre


Nothing but the truth : The one you feed will win!

This is true

Copied from


Which Wolf Are You Feeding?
There’s a Native American tale about an old man who was telling his grandson a story about two
wolves. The old man said, “There’s a fight between two wolves. One is an evil wolf, filled with
anger, resentment, greed, sadness, rage, envy, pride, ego, vanity, and superiority. The other is a
good wolf, filled with peace, light, kindness, generosity, love, compassion, humility, benevolence,
grace, hope, compassion, and faith.”
“Which of the wolves will win the fight, grandfather?” asked the boy.
The old man paused, considering the boy, then said, “Whichever one you feed.”ChangeThis | 112.05
If you focus your attention on negative things like comparing yourself to others, wondering why
you don’t have the success you think you deserve, and envying the success of others, then
you’re feeding the evil wolf and that wolf will win the fight. If, however, you focus your attention
on positive things like helping others, bringing value to others through your business, making
the world a better place, improving your productivity so you can do more, expanding your
expertise so you can make a bigger difference, and taking care of yourself and the ones you
love, then you’re feeding the good wolf, and that wolf will win.
Feed the good wolf.
Comparing yourself to other people is always a losing game
… Where you stand relative to other people isn’t nearly as
important as where you stand relative to where you could be
standing if you realized your full potential.


Simply the best… Daily prompt



When and where do you do your best thinking? In the bathroom? While running? Just before bed, or first thing in the morning? On the bus? Why do you think that is?

Best thinking is when I take Trompie for his walk early in the morning

Also when I can’t  fall asleep at night I’ll keep on thinking about what or what not to do!

Then also when I wake up early in the morning I can’t go back to sleep because my brain is working over time.


I have a very creative brain when it comes to the push.  Bad side of  this thinking is that I usually have so many bright ideas, at the end I do not know what to use or what I really need to take as  …SIMPLY THE BEST!




Just a spot of sunshine!