Grateful to go out on cloudy & rainy days

I am very grateful for trains and busses that take people over 65 to places they won’t visit on their own.

The best is that between 9 am to 3 pm the trip is free!

I try to make a trip to Wellington city once a week now that the weather is clearing up.

Last week was very cold and cloudy.

This week the weather here in Upper Hutt was kind of clear.

Sorry to say, just before reaching Wellington station there was a heavy down pour .

It was dry during my stroll along the harbour.

I am so grateful that I could take some photos of the dark clouds


Then the sun appeared.


Better still,

nearly clear sky gave me the following


and this one!


These photos are all taken at the civic center in

Wellington New Zealand

Then back home again.


I am very grateful for the opportunity to take some special photos again.

I am grateful for having the talent to see the beauty around me and to photograph them.

I am grateful this week for an excellent report on my photo by my tutor!

What have you been grateful for this week?


for more grateful people.

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Grateful for sparrows every morning


Images for sparrow bird sayings


I am grateful that I can feed the sparrows  every morning at my back door.

Every morning they are already waiting for me to feed them some bread.

In winter early  mornings are still dark but they  sit and wait up in a nearby tree till I am back from my first walk with Trompie.

It is not only sparrows but, blackbirds  and wax eyes and now and again two fan- tails also.

This is how it looks when I go for my first walk(was during June)


Here they are


Bit more light!

Sometimes there are about 30 to 40 eating eagerly away.


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What have you been grateful the past week?

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