Misty, icy cold morning

10 am I took Trompie for his second longer walk.

We had snow on the hills Wednesday night.

I took my student and showed her the snow covered hills. She took some photos to send home to her parents.

 This morning it was all misty for most of the day.

It cleared a bit after 12 but it was really cold and up till dark still wet outside.

Friendship Friday


Gratitude : My first contribution in sharing gratitude


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Colline at


is going to dedicate a post every Wednesday on


 Everybody is welcome to tell what made you/them grateful

At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.

Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/keywords/gratitude.html#M7OXATcUIdGvt698.99

Someone or somebody who lighted the flame in me is


my son



Trompie every morning : Friendship Friday

Every morning while I am drying my hair with the dryer

Trompie will sit next to me

Looking up at me

Asking: When is it my turn?

I will give him a quick blow in his face and warm his ears.

I can do nothing but love him more and more each morning.


Friendship Friday



Mushroom or toadstool : Friendship Friday

Differences between a mushroom and
a toadstool

The terms ‘mushroom’ and ‘toadstool’ are subjective rather than strictly scientific, and therefore are open to a range of loose interpretations. In general, fungi with fruit bodies that have a cap more or less centrally placed on top of a stem are referred to as ‘mushrooms’, or as ‘mushrooms and toadstools’. Some people broadly consider that all fungi with a cap and stem are ‘mushrooms’, while others consider only edible fungi as ‘mushrooms’. In the strictest sense, the word ‘mushroom’ refers only to members of the genus Agaricus, e.g. the cultivated white button mushroom. ‘Toadstool’ is typically applied to any fungus with a cap and stem that appears different from Agaricus, regardless of its edibility, or more usually if it is suspected or known to be poisonous. In a broader sense, ‘toadstools’ also includes other non-mushroom forms of fungi such as puffballs, earthstars, and coral fungi.

Agaricus Mushroom Galerina Toadstool





Trompie and Molly having a friendship ball : Friendship Friday

Friendship Friday

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Yesterday was the third time Trompie had the opportunity to visit his little niece, Molly.

They had a ball playing with a white fluffy toy.

Pulling, running, shaking and debating

who is going to run away with it!

Something green : Friendship Friday

Friendship Friday

Just something green and beautiful



All Things Bright and Beautiful | Cecil F. Alexander


    • Refrain:
      All things bright and beautiful,
      All creatures great and small,
      All things wise and wonderful:
      The Lord God made them all.
  1. Each little flow’r that opens,
    Each little bird that sings,
    He made their glowing colors,
    He made their tiny wings.
  2. The purple-headed mountains,
    The river running by,
    The sunset and the morning
    That brightens up the sky.
  3. The cold wind in the winter,
    The pleasant summer sun,
    The ripe fruits in the garden,
    He made them every one.
  4. The tall trees in the greenwood,
    The meadows where we play,
    The rushes by the water,
    To gather every day.
  5. He gave us eyes to see them,
    And lips that we might tell
    How great is God Almighty,
    Who has made all things well.

Easter and Pass-over:Friendship Friday

This Week’s Theme Is Easter & Passover

This week, many of us will be celebrating God’s great faithfulness
Through special Easter and Passover celebrations!

  • What are your weekend plans?
  • What special Easter and Passover traditions would you like to share?

The Friendship Friday Community – Week 61


Early this morning while I was walking with Trompie

there was an activity going on at St Hilda’s

Bapthist Church.

I could hear people singing inside at first.

Then when I was some way past the church

I could see that a group of people were forming a Pilgrimage.

In front were men carrying a wooden cross

Behind them came the rest of the group.

It made me feel again that there is still hope!


Trompie’s friends: Friendship Friday : DOGS

This Week’s Theme Is Dogs!

This week, I am celebrating the release of Ted Kerasote’s fabulous new book,Pukka’s Promise – The Quest For Longer Lived Dogs, with a giveaway. If you are an animal lover, you will not want to miss out on the opportunity to own a copy of this book!

  • What is your favorite breed of dog?
  • What is your favorite dog book / movie?

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Have Fun!

Have fun connecting with one another – building friendships is what this community is all about!

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The Friendship Friday Community – Week 57
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Trompie is a mini Schnauzer

He is my best and only

He loves me more than I can show him

Here are some photos of  Trompie

 with his best pals

First up



The best one of all




Molly is watching the two having “man talk”



Friendship Friday

Friendship Friday: It’s write easy

Today the 8 of February 2013, we started

It’s write easy


We were only four people.

This did not scare us off. We did two pieces of writing and

we have some homework for next week.

Here are three busy writing their short anecdotes .DSCF1110

The lady in the middle is Audrey. She is our tutor and already 88.

Here are my two pieces I have done today.

February 8, 2013

Words:  train, car, storing, luck, books


After my husband’s death in 1993 I had to decide if I would stay on in Secunda, South Africa – where we have been living for 13 years – or move away nearer to my family who are in Naboomspruit and Pietersburg. At that time I had a job at the library in Secunda.

I got a job offer near Potgietersrus at the end of  December 1994, off we went to Potties.

I had to arrange to store all my belongings because I had to rent out my place. Everything was packed in boxes and ready to move or store before we went to Potgietersrus. I had to arrange for storage because I could not find a place to live  at first. I arranged  for a truck to take it to a storage company in Potgietersrus.

Luckily  for me ,I found a place to move in the Friday before the company would move my stuff on Saturday to Potgietersrus. I moved into my new place without having to store my belongings at first.

Storing is very expensive and I was glad to cancel the contract for storing everything.

Second Writing

Words: home, bedtime, rules, dislikes, color


Bedtime is the best time of the day/night. Everybody slows down. Everybody goes to his or her own bed or bedroom and there is silence, till someone disturbs the night with dreams or snoring.

As parents we are supposed to see that the young ones get enough sleep. It is so wonderful to see or be with a child that is happy before he/she goes to bed. I usually read a bedtime story to my son before he fell asleep. He always enjoyed hearing  certain stories over and over again. There is no use to put a child to bed if he/she is all worked up and excited.

A hot bath helps also to relax the body and after that ,a calm chat or story will also relax a child. Even grown up’s need to be calm before they go to bed, otherwise they will have night mares and they don’t want to go to bed because of bad dreams